le quotidien

one day, hubby and i were having a little chat about food. not an altogether unfamiliar topic for us, by the by. somehow, we started talking about pickles. a very bizarre topic for us, since i think pickles are icky.

so naturally we asked ourselves…if we were a pickle, what kind would we be? and, for some reason, we settled on the cornichon. yes, that is the fancy word for gherkin. but, who likes the word “gherkin”?  cornichon is much more refined. here is our rationale:



french for “gherkin,” cornichons are crisp, tart  pickles made from tiny gherkin cucumbers.  a traditional accompaniment to pâtés, raclette, as well as smoked meats and fish.  no cheese or charcuterie plate is complete without cornichons.

hubby and i like to think of ourselves as fancy pickles. sure, we have our rough skin. we might be a bit tart. we started out as immature little cucumbers. but, we’ve gone through the pickling process together. and, now we are a bit more delightfully crisp and classy. pairing well with a variety of delicacies. regular little things with a touch of frou-frou. that’s us.

we are lovers of cooking and vibrant plates of food and family meals. we are a tad earthy crunchy granola. as long as the granola is gourmet. but we are also suckers for some pretentious things. hippie yuppies. yippies, if you will. he rocks a beard and a bowtie. and i have been known to wear metallic birks with a glitzy necklace. i am also a hat wearer. literally and figuratively. and a juggler extraordinaire.

in november of 2012, we added a sweet little peanut to our family. elinor grace is, well, the crème de la crème. she is bright and beautiful and sassy and curious and endlessly entertaining. gobs of personality. in june of 2015, we added our little prince to the crew. ridley noble is the very best. he is charming and sweet and bold and strong. we are having such fun getting to know him. and it will just get better and better. we are so honored to be given these little lives to raise up. God is good.

and who could forget our two sassy cavalier king charles spaniels. a really long and fancy name for such small balls of fur. they are our furry babies and we like them a lot. charles winston squigglebottom and coco chanel carousel. charlie has a squiggle-y swagger and coco spins in little circles before she potties. delightful. and they definitely don’t get as much time on here as they should…

we hope that you enjoy our chronicle of life as we know it. a quirky little collection of life’s happenings, both big and small. on our sojourn to eternity. it may be messy but we find the lovely in it. we are saved by grace. we are savoring the journey.

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6 thoughts on “le quotidien

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    • This is so sweet and such an honor, Liz! Thank you for your words of encouragement. I saw your other nominations…what a fabulous list! I am thrilled to be there next to those lovely blogs and bloggers!

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