taking stock | july’s end









making / more time for leisure.
cooking / all the plants.
drinking / water + cortados + green juice + superfood smoothies + soixante-quinze + stouts.
reading / the paper + marketing copy + preschool parent documents.
wanting / F A L L.
looking / forward to the weekend.
playing / catch (well, throw at mama’s face) with ridley.
wasting / paper: lists. notes. ideas. scribbles.
sewing / slacker.
wishing / that i could do more. do everything. be everywhere. be everything. but knowing that i can’t and don’t need to.
enjoying / quiet moments at home.
waiting / in preschool car line.
liking / 4:30am.
wondering / and pondering and creating and doing and being (so pretty much all the gerunds).
loving / the breeze (albeit, a swampy breeze) on my morning run.
hoping / that i can be a delight to my savior and family and friends.
marveling / at my man.
needing / more official date nights on the calendar.
smelling / petrichor.
wearing / shorts and linen t-shirts.
noticing / how talkative ridley is whenever his gregarious sister isn’t around.
knowing / that Christ is my portion and inheritance. all i am. all i need.
thinking / about what’s around the bend.
feeling / inspired and driven and engaged.
bookmarking / places. faces. art. stories. fashion. decor. food. soaking it all in.
opening / the fridge.
giggling / at elinor’s sass

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taking stock | june’s end












making / elevated pb&js.
cooking / lots of eggs and veggies. and bowls of cereal/granola (not that it counts as cooking…)
drinking / ALL THE WATER + fancy cocktails with my man + coffee, especially this.
reading / spurgeon + pages and pages of notes and to-do lists + animal books (that one is kid-related).
wanting / all the spa days and all the yoga.
looking / Godward.
playing / classic jazz.
wasting / coffee grounds no more! putting those babies to good use in our potted plants.
sewing / doing more sowing than sewing but that’s just fine.
wishing / for cooling rain instead of humidifying rain. #monsoons
enjoying / life’s simple pleasures.
waiting / in rush hour traffic is majorly blah.
liking / messy beach hair and parisian bedhead.
wondering / what is coming around the bend.
loving / afternoon dog pile that occurs when ben gets home from the office.
hoping / and dreaming and planning and reveling and savoring and organizing.
marveling / at the spots of green that remain despite the summer heat.
needing / a happy hour with friends.
smelling / the bountiful blooms given to me by my man.
wearing / my fringe sandals like they are going out of style (which they will be in no time flat).
noticing / what a sweet season this is. we our having such fun as our little fam. bouncing around the city. enjoying meals at home. playing and making memories. and i know the best is yet to come…
knowing / who i am and who i am not.
thinking / about july plans.
feeling / content and focused.
bookmarking / kate spade “things we love”.
opening / almond butter and a bar of dark chocolate.
giggling / at brit humor.

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taking stock | may’s end








making / time for date nights and refreshment.
reading / corporate info + org psych + sam and dave dig a hole + spurgeon and luther.
wanting / all the beverages. feeling hot-hot-hot around here.
looking / at summertime things.
playing / catch.
wasting / wipes (you can pretty much write this in for the next few years…)
sewing / hmmm…i have a lot started and not a lot actually in process.
wishing / for an extra day in the week. holiday weekends alway mess me up.
enjoying / the fresh plants and cheery blooms in our backyard.
waiting / for the oven to heat up.
liking / my extra early morning runs (attempting to beat the sun which is tough to do during this season) and weekend practice with my man and out for the occasional legit class.
hoping / for more opportunities to serve my church family and community.
marveling / at God’s kind and generous provision.
smelling / garlic and onions getting all carmelicious.
wearing / glittery dr. scholls and simple summer items, every darn day.
noticing / the sweet and playful relationship that is growing between elinor and ridley.
knowing / that i know less and less the more and more i know.
thinking / about the fall.
feeling / grateful and energized.
bookmarking / travel and gifts and dream things.
opening / a new body butter. aaahhhhhh.
giggling / at ridley’s silly sounds and dance moves.

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taking stock | april’s end






making / lots of salads.
reading / the girl on the train. elinor’s american girl book. psych text. brand strategy guides.
wanting / tacos and queso and margaritas, like, every darn day.
looking / at summertime things.
playing / peekaboo with ridley.
wasting / chia seeds. we put them on pretty much everything and i always lose a few in the sprinkle.
sewing / planning to carve out some time this summer to tackle two quilts for our house AAAANNNNDDD a sweet baby quilt for a friend.
wishing / that we could have the cool california mornings minus the california.
enjoying / my morning bulletproof coffee. i have had a few requests to share more about that…it’s in the works.
waiting / for the sun to set.
liking / no – loving – my date nights with ben.
hoping / and holding onto His promises.
marveling / at how life has changed in the past year.
smelling / incense and coffee and spring blossoms in the rain.
wearing / mama-and-me matching hairstyles. elinor requested matching braids the other day and OH MY GOSH.
noticing / how seasonal i am. as soon as the seasons shift, my body craves different foods and different styles of movement and different everything.
knowing / that i have some truly wonderful folks in my life.
thinking / about new hairstyles. i promise that i won’t go platinum…
feeling / refreshed.
bookmarking / locations and gifts and bits-and-bobs.
opening / a new pack of wipes. we go through a bunch of these babies. BOYS ARE MESSY.
giggling / at my funny family. evening playtime is the best.

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taking stock | march’s end

making / tacos. it is just that time of year when all i want is a meal of chips and salsa and spicy things. washed down with an icy margarita. extra lime, please. hold the salt.
cooking / is a family affair right now. and eating is an al fresco one. hashtag spring.
drinking / rosé all day. a.k.a. summer water. and p.s. the girls behind the amazing yes way rosé brand have partnered with club w and launched a real-deal pink drink that is actually called SUMMER WATER. bravo. too good. and it is currently holding us over until our springtime wine shipment arrives…
reading / style guides. a year in provence (again). kind emails from friends.
wanting / all the coffee. and all the water. and all the bread. and all the gingham.
looking / at my planner…into fall and into spring 2017. already. gotta have a plan!
playing / with bouncy balls. ridley pounces on them like a little cat.
wasting / paper. lists and plans and art abound.
sewing / not as much as last month but i got a little creative with some free-quilting and plan to bind that baby soon. excited to share more about completed projects and next projects…
wishing / that i could control things. but grateful that i can’t.
enjoying / my morning flow sessions. and dance + barre class.
waiting / and waiting and waiting and waiting. and waiting some more.
liking / being silly and acting like a (wannabe) youngster over on snapchat (for anyone who cares, i am madameswanky over there). i am definitely not cool enough or born in the right decade enough to be there but, #YOLO (and all those other sayings that again, i am not young enough to be saying). plus, elinor thinks the funny face filters are a crack-up. i dunno. it’s just a big, goofy partyville there. and who couldn’t use more of that in the everyday? play is good. “a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” i think dahl would approve. p.s. thank goodness for a teenage sister-in-law who rolls her eyes at my lameness and schools me on what the cool kids are doing. keeping me young(ish).
hoping / that some exciting things come to fruition.
marveling / at God’s kindness and sweetness and provision. He is a good God, indeed.
smelling / citrus everything and rose everything. and sneezing far too much.
wearing / high-waisted jeans + slouchy vintage linen white shirt. a.k.a. my spring uniform. by the way, this high-waisted trend…your thoughts? jury’s still out over here.
noticing / how grown-up ridley is looking. some of that baby fat is thinning out and revealing a little dude bod. freaking time and its relentlessness. 
knowing / that i am blessed beyond measure.
thinking / about vacation plans and next stages of life and just life in general. adulting is hard sometimes. SO. MANY. DECISIONS.
feeling / inspired. hopeful. stuck. in limbo. ready. eager. happy. relaxed. perplexed. grateful. rejuvenated. content. so, feeling all the feelings.
bookmarking / furniture and design inspiration. looking forward to pulling the trigger on some things soon.
opening / the world’s biggest box from amazon. why they ship a box of toilet paper and a box of paper towel with other boxed items inside of a massive outer box, i’ll never know. thinking about converting it to a play-land for elinor and ridley…
giggling / at brit humor.

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taking stock | february’s end

making / grilled bread with triple creme cheese and currant preserves. griddle your bread, folks. #gamechanger
cooking / lots of sweet potatoes. our favorite and ridley’s current favorite.
drinking / what i like to call my fizzy lifting drink. take one shot of espresso and pour it over ice then top with sparkling water. perfection. and again, #gamechanger
reading / sam and dave dig a hole. organizational psychology textbook. preschool websites.
wanting / to spend the summer in vancouver.
looking / around at elinor’s crazy messes. she can make ’em fast.
playing / all the dave matthews tunes. ’tis the season.
wasting / salt. a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there…it really adds up. plus, elinor likes to help in the kitchen and she has been known to steal a pinch and eat it. what a character.
sewing / all the time. i went from zero to sixty on this one. and it is such fun. i have caught the sewing bug, officially.
wishing / that the cool mornings would stay and stay.
enjoying / family strolls and creative time with elinor. she’s all about the mixed media, right now.
waiting / is the worst.
liking / my tracy anderson dance and barre classes. i look like a goofball but it is such a blast.
hoping / and praying.
marveling / at how quickly time flies. HOW IS IT ALREADY MARCH?!?! and we even got a bonus day this year. sheesh.
smelling / lemon blossoms.
wearing / yoga pants + v-neck tissue t-shirt + messy braid.
noticing / how curly elinor’s hair is.
knowing / that God is the almighty.
thinking / about balance and schedules.
feeling / a tad tight in my hips after a hefty saturday morning training run. 25k, baby.
bookmarking / inspiration from my favorite spring lines.
opening / a new pack of moleskin journals.
giggling / at ben’s silly jokes.

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