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hello again, monday! thanks for bringing a fresh start along with you.

jeepers. the weeks are flying by at an alarming rate, lately. is it just me? it is going to be christmas again in a flash. not that i’m complaining. that sounds perfectly lovely.

so, about last week… it was kind of a big one. elinor started preschool. ben and i were busy doing all the things. ridley was busy running around the house with his beloved soccer ball. by the time saturday rolled around, we were ready for a little leisure time. okay, a lot of leisure time. and rather fortuitously, the olympics started. YAY! needless to say, we spent much of the weekend just lounging and munching and cheering on the athletes. elinor has been inspired to work on her tumbling skills. and she even surprised us with a high dive-esque move off the couch. she’s really getting into the spirit of the games.

in spite of the activity of the week, we are feeling rather rested. it is amazing what some down time and coffee and family gatherings and unstructured play and cooking and sabbath worship…and a catnap* will do to refresh the mind/body/spirit.

so, let us raise our mugs of coffee and cheers to a new week! possibilities. goals. plans. adventures. productivity. purpose. work and play. family and friends. and making more time for leisure.

* in my book, the only thing that beats a sporting event nap is a rainy day nap


le quotidien


well, bonjour! i hope this week is treating you well. we are just living it up and doing all the things. good stuff, for sure. i will be back tomorrow to share a few more words and have a proper blog post.

until then, a quick instantané. a smattering of life in squares and rectangles.









instantanés de la vie




another week has flown by. i don’t want to say “breezed by” because last week wasn’t exactly an easy-breezy walk in the park. it was busy. full. all the thoughts – plans – ideas – decisions. and then there was elinor. elinor was a piece of work last week. she was emotional and tough. disobedient. testing limits. disrespectful. trying my patience at every turn. full of attitude and defiance. i lost track of all the NOs that i spoke. and i lost track of all the prayers i prayed. for patience. for mercy and grace. for discernment. this parenting gig is the most taxing and most rewarding thing. God uses the kids (in good and bad) to teach and refine me. truly, He is disciplining me right alongside my discipline of them. it’s good for me. so good. but man, sometimes it just zaps my brain. last week was a brain-zapper. elinor’s antics on top of the hustle of the week really added up. ben and i were down for the count come friday.


see that face? so delightful and expressive and sassy. she’s so darn smart. and curious. and determined. and crafty. but goodness gracious, she’s adorable. that button nose and sprightly curls and smirk. praise God for the sweetness and beauty that he created in her to balance out her spice.

and remind me to share a humdinger of a story with you sometime soon. ben happens to think that it was my finest parenting moment yet. and i am sure it will live on in infamy…





so yeah, the week was kind of nuts at times, but the week was also FILLED with wonderful moments. meals with friends and family. playtime at home. conversation and libations and jazz after the kids were asleep. cooking together. juicing together. sipping tea. morning miles. dance parties with elinor. hearty hugs and slobbery kisses from ridley. READING!!!

you guys, i have two books that i am in the middle of right now and it’s awesome. one fiction thriller and one business/change leadership theory book) it has been far two long since i have been engrossed in my reads like this and actually carved out downtime to read them. i am the worst at that. constantly starting books and then shelving them for months and months. i guess the days just get away from me. and usually by late in the day, if i pick up a book before bed instead of keeping my brain engaged in conversation, i nod off. but not this summer. i am a reading machine! and i am realizing how much i have missed it for the past months/years.




but praise God for the weekend. for slow saturdays. productive and reenergizing. and for sabbath. around here, sundays are for long runs, couples yoga, simple pleasures, worship, the arts and leisure section of the NYT, frothy coffee, bread baking, jazz on vinyl, and hearty meals with kith and kin. aaaaaahhhhhh… this sunday was perfect. just what we needed to close the week and start anew.

i am excited to have monday. to have a fresh start. i am hoping to make the most of this new week. to be present. and maybe redirect a few of the NOs that i have been speaking toward some of the time-wasters in my life that are cluttering things or not bringing joy or distracting me from the things that truly matter. i love being productive and engaged but being busy and “hustling” is stupid. and gosh to we sensationalize that stuff, don’t we? and i am over it. rest is the new hustle.

this week, i am getting back to basics. i am going to let myself be spoiled by my savior. i am going to be still and know that He is God. i am going to walk by the quiet waters. i am going to find rest and satisfaction in Him, knowing that i am is child and that is enough. that is everything.

here’s to enjoying heavenly pleasures! happy monday!



being all kinds of awesome in my spiritual gangster tank on my way to yoga #namaste


a tasty bowl of plant-based goodness #nourriture


morning relaxation with my bulletproof coffee #weekendvibes


downtown palms #yesPHX


my MRS keychain (ben has a MR one) #tenyearanniversary


a topknot for my flouncy skirt #madameswankyvetements


crushing on the way phoenix is revitalizing #oldschool


a quiet corner of our home #abode #maison


dinner and vesper martinis #withatwist #stirrednotshaken #sante




this color combo is EVERYTHING #prickly #cactus #desertdweller

oh, snap!


we are having a bunch of “behind the scenes” fun over on snapchat. if you are playing in that sandbox, i would love to be buds. and if you haven’t taken the plunge, you totally should. it’s a little less curated and a whole lot more le quotidien, if you will. you can add me by username (madameswanky) or just screenshot that image up top and add a friend by snapcode. super cool and super easy.

don’t expect anything too inventive or outlandish or consistent. when i do snap, it’s mostly cute captures of the little ones and food and occasional #randomrachel moments. i am no pro (seriously, though…there are some amazing snapchat artists and creative folks using the platform with such panache!) but it is a fun place to play and i am all for some of that. aaaand i would love to hear any recommendations for “must follow” accounts. it’s fun to see the crazy things that people come up with… and you know that anyone who shows a lot of tasty food will make my list.

but for anyone that is like, “um, no thanks…no snap for moi” then i thought i would share just a few of my favorite recent snaps. snapchat 101: the platform lets you take images or quick videos and either share them directly with friends or you can share them with all the people who follow you and build out more of a story. you can add filters (or, funny faces as elinor calls it) and captions and emojis. you can color and create your own wording and art. like i said, it’s pretty much about fun and play.

so, enjoy! and happy friday! xo.