snaps & snippets & blurbs from saturday


on saturday, elinor and i enjoyed a little mama-daughter time while ben worked from home for the first part of the day. on the menu: a meet-up with miss hallie and her little dude, peyton followed by some strolling and errand running.

the weather was simply glorious which made for an all-around incredible experience. and as you might know, we have been all about the al fresco dining for the last few weeks.

IMG_0729 IMG_0731

we grabbed a table at our tried and true, true food, and ordered up some tasty dishes. elinor enjoyed an almond butter + banana + apple sandwich with carrot sticks and some fresh fruit. she gobbled up almost every single morsel. she even used two fingers to scoop up the remaining dip…pretty much licked that bowl clean. this girl and her dip, my goodness.

i had a monster vegan wrap with spicy soy chorizo and salsa and avocado. and the beans! and the sweet potato hash! it is embarrassing how quickly i devoured that plate. i blame it on the baby…


um, and speaking of baby…would you look at my baby girl and her wispy baby-fine locks of curly goodness? she was having a majorly fab hair moment and it just needed to be celebrated. isn’t she practically edible? too much adorableness.

IMG_0732 IMG_0733

oh, and speaking of adorableness…would you look at all that? elinor sitting on miss hallie’s lap and working it for the camera? and the flirting! she was playing all coy with peyton during brunch and it was too much. not sure that the 7-year-old boy was enjoying the smirks and eye batting from the 2-year-old across the table but the mamas were eating that up.

and just to freak out a bit – that lovely lady and i have known each other since we were her son’s age. and there we were, eating a meal with our kids. who are we? when did we grow up? sheesh.

so, yes. it was a delightful morning. after saying our farewells, elinor and i strolled a bit and enjoyed the cool breeze. we window shopped and ran an errand or so and grabbed some juby true juice and a few breakfast muffins to-go. because, there is no way that i would be allowed back in the house without bringing a muffin for ben. those muffins. total crack muffins. addiction level, man. coffee and banana and date and pistachio. all my faves! i keep saying that i am going to make a batch at home, some saturday morning, but that would not be wise. the $3 price tag and built-in portion control at a restaurant are absolutely necessary to keep some kind of barrier between me and those baked goods. my fear of sideways looks from the server when i order a dozen to-go after just eating a full meal is still just enough to deter me from ordering all. the. muffins. so yes, i will not be making these at home. the risk of my eating six or more in one sitting is just too great.

where was i? did i just spend a whole paragraph on muffins? yikes.

anyway…the afternoon was spent napping and resting and getting some stuff done around the house. AND THEN, ben getting into the kitchen to make some fantastic pizza for us to enjoy for dinner.

i give you…this.


ben’s magical crust made with his whole wheat sourdough starter plus rye and buckwheat and stout. topped with his homemade red sauce + roasted garlic kale + sautéed cremini mushrooms + caramelized onions + fresh, local mozzarella.

folks, it was such a great dinner. and it was such a great saturday.


{saturdaysanté} week 38 | september 20



you do realize we are less than 100 days from christmas, right? crazy town. and we are like less than two months from elinor’s 2nd birthday.

speaking of elinor…the little miss got to enjoy a sleepover at the grandparents’ house on friday night which meant dinner and a movie for the parents. wahoo for all! and then saturday, oh saturday. ben and i woke up on the perfect side of early and went for a slow and steady almost-five-miler together. we chatted a bit and enjoyed the just-about-cool-ish weather. it was so nice. and then, it was back to the house to get cleaned up and out the door for some brunch.

naturally, we went french. we grabbed a little table for two at crepe bar and ordered some crepes and coffee. we nibbled on the house granola while we waited and just people-watched and enjoyed each other’s company. and after the crepes were gone, we got a bottle of cold brew to-go and popped into the bakery next door for some croissants to take home and enjoy with our coffee. because, when in france…

{saturdaysanté} week 36 | september 6



my mom and i hosted a little brunch and shopping party for my sister-in-law on saturday and that was pretty much that. the house was bright and open and smelling like coffee cake plus ben took elinor for a fun little papa-daughter morning so there were no toys on the floor! which can only mean one thing…capture that moment on film. voila.

it was such a nice day. time with some lovely ladies buying fabulous bags and such. plus, brunch food which is just hands down the bestest. brunch is my excuse to eat bagels and pastries and drink a mimosa. you gotta. it’s brunch.

after the party wrapped up, we spent the afternoon just relaxing and playing. we went on a late-in-the-day grocery run to stock up for the week and then just let the day fade away into evening. it felt so nice.

and by the way, ninety degrees aside, everything has been feeling so autumnal. the light is shifting and fall is in the air. i love it. fall is just my favorite. and it is going to be a full and fun one, i can feel it.



{saturdaysanté} week 34 | august 23

IMG_0263 IMG_0264 IMG_0262 IMG_0266 IMG_0265


well, this wasn’t the most relaxing weekend…but we sure packed a lot in! so, that’s good. i guess if you can’t have a chill weekend, productivity is second best. i mean, there are definitely weekends when all i want is to just crank out a bunch of work and check projects off the list and such. but i really wasn’t feeling that for this weekend. this week was pretty bananas, folks. work stuff and toddler-ness, etc. we felt pretty stretched. and we both wanted to do absolutely nothing come saturday. but that just wasn’t going to happen. and so, you roll with it and make the best of it and carve out fun and rejuvenating moments as you go.

ben had to work from home for a good part of saturday {thanks to some developments from said bananas week} and elinor had more energy and crazy than we have ever seen. she wanted to do it all! all at once. oh, and there were groceries to buy and put away and plan and prepare. and did i mention that we’ve been on the hunt for a new car? yup. so that was on the docket for the day as well.

we got the meal planning and grocery shopping done early. and p.s. we have officially graduated to two carts. thanks, produce! once we were fed and settled at home, the day really took off. and it is a bit of a blur. all that i know is ben completed all his work and elinor played hard and made tons of messes and napped really well and i got to drive my new mama mobile off the lot. i am kind of obsessed. a black on black on black {once the super dark tint is in} beauty that is the perfect car for us right now. still kind of sedan-y but extra trunk space and more of a family car feel. i know that one of these days, i will give up my small car ways and get a big ol’ SUV, but not now. now is all about the wagon. i have been looking at a few options but when push came to shove, i just couldn’t betray my loyal VW. they have been good to me since 16. and they have grown right along with us. and so…jettawagen! TDI folks. crazy amazing mileage and so much zip! turbo, i like you a lot. plus, lots of sporty features for you, know…sporty, sporty us. and a massive panoramic sunroof which i am itching to open. come on fall!

to christen the car, we decided to take it out for a little spin after dinner.

sidebar: dinner was a perfect weekend-y meal. sprouted whole grain bread with extra seeds all toasted up and smothered with vegan mayo. then some smoky tempeh + avocado + red lettuce. the vibe of a BLT but with tempeh instead of bacon and avocado instead of tomatoes because, ick. so, a TLA. you guys, you need some of this in your life. and i won’t be upset if you add back the tomatoes.

okay, so after dinner. we hopped in the car and went out for some errand-running slash meandering and relaxing. off to the biltmore fashion park! our favorite kind of playground…

elinor ran around and got her wiggles and wild out on the lawn. we spent way too much time and money in teavana. we window shopped and rolled out eyes at the sweaters on display in the j.crew window {while simultaneously swooning over the sweaters on display in the j.crew window and promptly heading inside to plan our fall wardrobes}. and then, we were sucked into the new jonathan adler store. yay! FINALLY. phoenix is on the map folks. and let me tell you…a dangerous place. so bright and fun and very poirot. midcentury charm meets exotic travels and southern chic. love it. i am a big time fan of jonathan adler designs and i am in big trouble now that there is a showroom here. i have already found four chairs that i want. like, really need. and the couches? too cool. plus they have this velvet bed that would be over-the-top amazing. we really need a bigger house or just an additional house. that would work too. okay. so get a massive or additional house and then buy all the things required to fill it. american dream. but this store really was a dream. we had so much fun playing and planning and yukking it up with the fabulous sales guy. we will be back. oh, we will be back.

{saturdaysanté} week 31 | august 2



what a delightful day. we got up good and early and made a run to the market with a very bedhead and sleepy-eyed baby girl who was all kinds of sweet and hilarious. and it was almost cool outside! cali-type weather. windows down kind of weather. blistering heat reprieve!

after our kitchen was sufficiently stocked, we enjoyed a fruity juicy breakfast before a little playtime. can we just talk about pineapple for a moment? give me all the pineapple please and thank you.

since we had a full day ahead of us, with big plans to spend the afternoon in tucson, we made sure that elinor got in a few morning zzzzz’s and didn’t just have to push through sans any sort of nap. whiiiiiich gave me and my man a couple of hours of relaxy time together. wa-to-the-hoo!

we unrolled the mats and settled into a serious and extended ashtanga session. beck + the black keys + coldplay + chet faker + hamilton leithauser + needtobreathe + PHOX + slow club shuffling in the background. such a perfectly sweaty and detoxifying time. then, we got ourselves and our things ready to pack into the car for our mini roadtrip. we even got in a quick juicing so we had some nourishment and hydration for the road. a bunny’s week’s worth of carrots plus two full bunches of spinach, stems and all, and some local apples. oh, and ginger. we got waaaaay heavy-handed with that stuff. spicy.

and then, we were off! the rest of the day was spent wandering and mini-hiking and exploring and eating. and enjoying clouds and breeze and rain.

rain, you guys. RAIN! high five, saturday.

more on our quick trip to tucson a bit later. that deserves a post all to itself.


{saturdaysanté} week 30 | july 26



any post that starts off with latte art like that is just bound to be a good one. same goes for saturdays.

since we had some very important errands to run – i’m talking ’bout you, oil change – we figured we would make a midday of it and spend some quality time wandering. we window shopped and i made dangerous mental lists for future shopping sprees. after all that, i grabbed myself a fruity and refreshing tonic and we all camped out at the coffee shop around the corner. at which point, ben’s mom and sister katie met up with us for a brief but delightful coffee date. hence the latte shot. oh, and ben couldn’t resist the siren song of the croissant. we parked the stroller for a spell while we chatted and let elinor nibble some of ben’s pastry. so nice of him to share…

and then, off for more strolling. we spent far too much time in restoration hardware {but hurray! i think i have finally decided on our dining table and chairs. i think… oh, and our couch. a couch which we absolutely do not need but absolutely need to have. i smell redecorating! and redecorating smells a lot like vintage ebony leather} and once we had our fill of luxury, made a pitstop at the family restroom before heading home. but not before capturing a group shot in the bathroom mirror because, we are cool like that.

oh yeah, and did i mention that elinor fell asleep in her magic mobile? the bugaboo and the sakura sling, i tell ya. superpowers when it comes to littles.

and that was only the half of it. the rest of day was equally as lovely but far less sweaty and outdoors. we played inside and listened to music and laughed at elinor’s antics and danced and colored and read books and ate a tasty dinner together. it was the best kind of day.

p.s. how is it week 30 of the year? like, way more than halfway over. craziness.

p.p.s. how happy and sunny are elinor’s moccs? obsessed. and i might have a pair of rose gold metallic ones on the way because, swanky.  also, if you haven’t entered my giveaway with freshly picked you should totally get in on all that. people are really getting into it here on the bloggity blog…and over on instagram? well, it is a downright tag-a-palooza which is amazing! the more the merrier and the more you play, the greater your chances to win.