inspiration for baby girl’s room

i have been window and web shopping for inspiration and items for our little girl’s room.  recently, i picked up a few odds and ends that will be featured on the walls of her room and i am continuing the collecting of perfect pieces.  a mix of old and new.  vintage classics with handmade mementos and chic accents.  i want her room to be cozy and stylish and cute.  ripe with vibrant colors and fodder for the imagination.  splashes of color and plenty of fun.  a dreamy and cool room for a little girl with plenty of whimsy…and none of that stereotypical girl nursery stuff.  unique, modern, and eclectic with a dash of the old-fashioned.

here are some of my favorite images that have inspired the design board for baby girl:

love that green hue with black and white accents.

green + yellow.  a must.

the contrast of the bright green with pops of pink against the natural brown with crisp white.

pink and yellow with cool gray.

the classically chic gold accents with modern prints.

bright and cheery.

color!  with the playful hint of the circus.

images via pinterest



i’ve been doing some research.  did you know that there are hundreds, if not thousands of pinterest boards dedicated to cheese?  awesome, i know.  and it is no wonder, cheese is perfection.  you can dip things in it, melt it on pasta, melt it between two slices of bread, spread it on bagels, spread it on crackers, slice and serve with fruit or charcuterie, turn it into cake, whip it into frosting.  amazing.  i love cheese.  i love the way it looks when it melts on bread.  i love the way it seeps into the nooks and crannies of pasta.  i love dipping things into a cauldron of melted and oozy goodness.  it is so good.

not convinced?  okay.  take a look at some of these…

need more?  just head over to pinterest and type “cheese” into the serach bar.  then try not to crave mac and cheese, fondue, or a sandwich.  yum.

i heart…beauty products

my mom taught me well.  i remember watching her when i was little as she cleansed and moisturized her skin, delicately dabbed her perfume, and carefully applied her makeup.   i would mimic her technique.  i so loved when we would do pedicures and facials together and she would share her tips and tricks. i admired her attention to detail.  i watched as she would clean her makeup brushes, organize all of her products, and use “just enough”.  she wanted to savor her little beauty treats and make them last.  she always took such great care.   i so appreciate that time and those lessons.

it wasn’t frivolous or vain, she was illustrating the importance of taking care of what God has given you.  from her skin to the products in her purse.  she wasn’t wasteful.  she wasn’t indulgent.  she didn’t take it for granted.  she was careful and thoughtful.  she knew how to save on some things and splurge on others.  and she knew how to enjoy it all.

to this day, we still have fun little chats about the latest chanel nail color, the top beauty editor picks, the perfect mascara [i love maybelline the falsies, by the way], and the best drugstore steals.  it is fun to be a girl.

over the years, i have tried my share of products.  i love lip glosses.  i am a sucker for body lotions. i am a big time fan of spa-like skin treatments.  and i find myself drawn to pretty smelling stuff in cute packaging.  i like to try things and then settle in on my go-to beauty items.  while some products will come and go with seasons and seasons of life, there are a few that have stood the test of time and that i continue to look to.

here is my personal list of beauty product favs:

all images from my :: i heart :: board on pinterest

easter treats

every so often, i wander over to the martha stewart website just to see what impossibly cute and amazing things that she has conjured up.  she is my go-to around any given holiday since she is the master at creating theme meals and desserts, designing exquisite tablescapes, and crafting perfect little trinkets.  during my visit to marthaland, i stumbled upon these little cuties…

aren’t they lovely?  the perfect festive confection that just screams “spring” and “easter”.

also…in addition to the celebration of resurrection sunday, this sunday also marks the end to the season of lent and that means that we are all systems go for some long overdue baking and enjoying of delicious sweet treats.  wahoo! i think these little guys might be the perfect celebratory treat.

a splash of suzani

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

have you seen this stuff?  wow.  suzani is a type of embroidered and decorative tribal textile.  suzani is from the persian suzan which means “needle”.  suzanis usually have a cotton [sometimes silk] fabric base which is embroidered in silk or cotton thread.  detailed stitching with vibrant threads produces exquisite pieces.  i am thinking that we might need to invest in one of these to add a splash to our bed.

on beyond zebra!

ever since i snagged this striped little cutie as a springtime wardrobe staple, i have had stripes on the brain.  prison stripes, zebra stripes, pinstripes.

oh how i am currently loving this look.  and this look, it reminds me of this little book…

on beyond zebra, by dr. suess


my alphabet starts with this letter called yuzz.  it’s the letter i use to spell yuzz-a-ma-tuzz.  you’ll be sort of surprised what there is to be found once you go beyond z and start poking around!  so, on beyond zebra! explore! like columbus! discover new letters! like wum is for wumbus, my high-spouting whale who lives high on a hill and who never comes down ‘till it’s time to refill. so, on beyond z! it’s high time you were shown that you really don’t know all there is to be known.  if you stay home with zebra, you’re stuck in a rut. but on beyond zebra, you’re anything but!  when you go beyond zebra, who knows…? there’s no telling what wonderful things you might find yourself spelling!  so you see! there’s no end to the things you might know, depending how far beyond zebra you go! i led him around and I tried hard to show there are things beyond z that most people don’t know.  i took him past zebra as far as i could. and i think, perhaps, maybe i did him some good…

with that book in mind, i invite you to see how yuzz-a-ma-tuzzy these striped looks can be!  now go beyond zebra!  add more stripes to your life!  have fun with the patterns.  add color to life.  go beyond zebra!  put some zazz in your step.  giving your closet and home just a little more pep.