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welp, summer has arrived. the solstice is in the rear view mirror… which can only mean one thing: the longest day is done! a major wahoo for those of us living on the surface of the sun. it’s all downhill from here. a quick slide into Christmas, right??? the next big holiday is the fourth of july. bbq season is in full swing. the monsoons are rolling in. and if you have been reading here in the past month or so, you KNOW that the rosé is flowing like summer water. in spite of the hideous heat here in the valley of the sun, i am really trying to embrace the summer in all it’s blazing glory. and for me, that starts with music.

currently, i have the spotify mood booster playlist rocking and some fabulous fresh release records spinning (i’m talking about you, radiohead and kaleo). justin timberlake has a head-bopping new single (that is getting some major morning run airtime, by the by). and if only dave matthews band would drop a new album, my eardrums would be gloriously inundated by summatime tunes. so what’s on my current playlist, you might ask? here are a few of my favorite artists to jam out to or chill out to this season: radiohead, timberlake, hozier, coldplay, chainsmokers, beck, chris cornell, clapton, mayer, jack white, jay z, DMB, KOL, mark ronson, one republic, our lady peace, kaleo, the chest – baker and faker, the rays – charles and lamontagne, michael jackson.

with summertime in my ears, it has gotten into my brain. and that has gotten me thinking about some things that i want to do or try or accomplish in the next few months, which lead to some list-making. and i figured i would share it here with you all. in no random order (and not necessarily limited to tasks) here is my SUMMERTIME LIST. a compilation of few things that i am crushing on right now + some of my summertime essentials + some random things that scream summer + fave links from around the interwebs. enjoy!

  1. plan some upcoming trips: seattle? norcal? marfa, tx? palm springs? NYC?
  2. head to sedona for a few days
  3. diffuse more of this yumminess
  4. snag a pray4trax necklace while they are still available
  5. add to the FP mocc stash (oh, and if you want to start or add to your stash, i might be able to help with that… stay tuned)
  6. binge watch the night manager
  7. do a city-wide coffee crawl
  8. smell like ocean mist
  9. watch the olympics
  10. do fun things with the kids while not getting wrapped up in all this happiness business
  11. enjoy more pool days
  12. make time for more sewing
  13. do more of this
  14. make and eat this
  15. keep fighting against the white wall esthetic 
  16. keep juggling. some balls are rubber and some are glass. i try to keep the glass ones in the air and let the less important things bounce. i have a few, precious glass balls in my life that i can’t afford to let drop and shatter. and i have about a million rubber ones. the trick is keeping that straight and not mistaking rubber for glass (or vice versa) and then integrating the bouncy ones into the flow.
  17. hook ben up with this
  18. monthly brunch dates
  19. more taco nights
  20. monthly date nights
  21. buy ALL THESE THINGS wink wink
  22. add to our crimean art collection
  23. become a U.S. citizen (yup, still canadian)
  24. date night for ben’s next tattoo + fresh hair styles with my girl brandi
  25. read more booooooooks. any recs?
and i would love to hear what your summer essentials are…and what’s on your fun list!
happy friday! xo, R

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just do it • is it in you • i’m loving it

just do it jan2014


is it in you jan2014

roasted heirloom cauliflower and chestnut soup

this is seasonal deliciousness at its finest.  thanks again, roost blog.

im loving it jan2014

clementine daily

goodness, this site.  simple.  pretty.  real.  inspirational.  yes.

just do it • is it in you • i’m loving it



before it becomes all blistering and oven-like around here, i want to take advantage of the splendor of the desert and spend some time enjoying the scenery of the trail.


olive oil cake from the forest feast

i am most definitely going to find an excuse to make this.  a sunday afternoon is a good enough reason, right?  right.


a dark accent wall

you’ve done it again, design*sponge.  i need to do this.  love the clean contrast,

just do it • is it in you • i’m loving it

hopefully some of you recognize this from jack’s pep talk on 30rock.  no, i am not just randomly combining taglines for the sake of a blog title.

i would like to proudly debut a new feature on the blog where i will share…

something you should do {just do it}

something you should consume {is it in you}

and something fun that i love {i’m loving it}

get it?  genius, huh?

without further ado, let’s get this party started!

just do it 1

the royal scotsman train tour

 is it in you 1

nigella’s chocolate guinness cake i'm loving it 1

loeffler randall locker tote