cuckoo for coconuts giveaway / closed


so excited about this one. oh man. as you probably know, i am a coconut fan. but we are a house divided when it comes to coconuts. ben is definitely not too keen on these tropical creatures. BUT, he is a sucker for popcorn. AND, he is also obsessed with flossing his teeth. and kernels and dental floss go hand-in-hand. where am i going with all this? well, our friends at quinn snacks introduced us to cocofloss a few months back and you know that i had to give it a go. coconut meets floss. excellent. it’s almost like oil pulling minus all the messy oil stuff. and what better way to remove those pesky coconut oil popcorn kernels than with coconut floss? kismet, i tell you.

so that got me thinking… a ton of my favorite things are coconut based. and with ben jumping on the coconut bandwagon with his popcorn and floss, we are officially a coconutty family now! and what better way to celebrate than by sharing a few of our favorite coconut items with you?!?!




here’s the deal: thanks to some very generous friends, i am giving away a goodie box filled with coconut treats to one very lucky person! so what’s inside the box? glad you asked.

2 bags of quinn coconut oil popcorn + 2 bags of hail merry, merry bites (macaroon-esque bites of pure bliss) + 2 packs of cocofloss + 1 jar of unrefined, expeller pressed organic coconut oil (a multitasking heavyweight for sure) + 1 container of vita coco pure coconut water

to play on the blog and get yourself an entry, just comment below and let me know your favorite coconutty thing. but, the real fun is happening over on instagram. so make sure to head there to earn a bunch more entries. the giveaway will run on the blog and instagram from tuesday, may 17 until saturday, may 21. a winner will be chosen at random and announced on saturday.

a BIG thanks to our generous friends at quinn and cocofloss and hail merry and whole foods market and vita coco for sponsoring and contributing and being all-around awesome folks.


all you need is love giveaway (closed)


in honor of valentine’s day, i am ticked pink to bring you a GIVEAWAY that is all about things that i love. a few favorites that are absolute musts for the day of love. this jam-packed box of goodies is filled with snacks and treats and sweets for you to enjoy plus a fabulous treatment to make sure your lips are perfectly kissable for all those smooches for your valentine plus foodie themed cards and punny pencils so you can write sweet nothings or kind notes to friends and loves. pretty perfect, right?

IMG_1630IMG_1632 IMG_1627IMG_1631

okay, so what exactly will the winner receive? glad you asked. thanks to the generosity and all-around amazingness of some super sweet companies, one lucky duck will receive a big ol’ box of:

3 boxes of sweet and salty vermont maple & sea salt popcorn from quinn snacks

a set of 5 foodie greeting cards + a set of 8 food pun pencils from EAT healthy designs

1 box of bunny fruit snacks from annie’s homegrown

1 pomegranate & goji super dark chocolate bar + 1 guajillo & chipotle chili super dark chocolate bar from vosges chocolate

a be fierce lip treatment from tata harper skincare

fabulous, right? now that’s my kind of valentine’s day. this giveaway will run from february 9 through february 12 on the blog and on instagram. head over there to check it out and play by those rules (i am @madameswanky).

blog rules:

comment below and introduce yourself! just your name and how you are planning to celebrate the day of love. a winner will be randomly chosen and contacted on february 12. have fun! and good luck.

and goodness gracious, thank you to the dear dear companies who contributed to this fun giveaway! xoxo.

p.s. don’t forget that you can use SWANKYQUINN15 at quinn’s online store to receive 15% off your order AND use VDAY2016 at vosges’s online store to receive 15% off valentine’s chocolate gifts. the discounts are good until valentine’s day. mwah!

the winner is…Chloe Marty! congrats, lady. and thanks to everyone who entered. happy valentine’s day!



today, i am delighted to share this fabulous frock from shabby apple. this company has some of the cutest numbers out there. dresses and skirts and shirts, oh my! from classic pieces to party pieces and everything in between. clothing for everyday errands all the way to full taffeta skirts that make you feel like a hollywood starlet. i am a fan. and when they dropped this pretty thing on my doorstep, i was tickled pink. or, i guess, tickled blue? is that a thing?

i thought it would be fun to style this perfectly peplumed dress in two ways: one look for a frou frou fête and one look for a playful date night. the rich sapphire color did the heavy lifting so all it needed was a few pops of color and glitz to make it a killer ensemble.

a look for a night out at the theatre


blue nutcracker dress c/o shabby apple | coat from j.crew | necklace from j.crew | earrings from lee brevard | cocktail ring from lulu frost | heels from manolo blahnik | opera glasses, vintage | lipstick, nars “dominique”

what i loved best about this dress (and all of shabby apple’s pieces) is that they are special but practical. they are designed for life. whether that is running around after the kids or attending meetings or going to church or lunch with the ladies or going to a wedding or attending a fancy ball. they create clothing for whatever your life holds. this vibrant dress (it is called the nutcracker dress, by the way. super festive.) is made from a sturdy and rich taffeta that gives it a great shape and nice body. it tucks and pops in all the right places. it also hugs the body because of the slight stretch to the fabric (genius, by the way) but is super forgiving too. you can wear it all night and it maintains its shape BUT it has just enough give so you can move on the dance floor OR not feel uncomfortable after a decadent meal. you know what i mean, ladies… and speaking of meals, here’s another look!

a look for attending a swanky cocktail party

IMG_1400 IMG_1401 IMG_1402IMG_1399 IMG_1403IMG_1408

blue nutcracker dress c/o shabby apple | scarf from barneys new york | earrings, vintage chanel | flats from j.crew | lipstick, nars “scarlet empress”

but enough about me. the best part of this post is that i get to share the love! the generous and amazing team at shabby apple wants to give away a $50 gift card to one lucky duck. you can apply it to whatever tickles your fancy. oooooh, shopping! such fun. this giveaway will run from january 12 through january 15 on the blog and on instagram (head over there to check it out and play by those rules). blog rules: head to the shabby apple site and then come back here and let me know which item(s) you like best. a winner will be randomly chosen and contacted on january 16. have fun! and good luck.


be well + be fierce | a giveaway with tata harper (closed)


you guys, have i got something fab for you. and not just for you, for you and your bestie! i am talking about the ultimate in special treatment. luxury to the max.

i am partnering with tata harper skincare to bring you a special treat for your skin. the perfect way to combat dull winter skin and to start the new year putting your best face forward. radiance and glow and warm and fuzzies and wellbeing. great, right?

if you haven’t heard of tata harper or become a convert, now is the time. these products leave your skin dewy and refreshed and glowing. the company is all about using natural and nontoxic elements to nourish the skin. they carefully select effectual ingredients that heal and feed your skin while imparting a delicate, floral, garden-fresh scent.


i am delighted to give be well + be fierce treatment sets to TWO LUCKY DUCKS. one for you and one for a friend. you could receive a be fierce lip treatment + a pocket-sized aromatherapy treatment set. swoon. sigh. and wowee.

be fierce lip treatment

this deeply hydrating, conditioning lip therapy effectively relieves feelings of dryness and chapped irritation for soft, happy lips. a highly concentrated, antioxidant-rich formula (no fillers!) delivers powerful environmental protection for day-long damage control.

  • vermont herbal nutrition complex combines meadowsweet, alfalfa, calendula and comfrey to exfoliate, oxygenate, repair and soothe
  • apricot kernel oil nourishes and moisturizes with concentrated minerals, vitamins and proteins
  • rhubarb, acai, and green tea oils infuse the lips with rich antioxidants for environmental protection and deep hydration

be well aromatherapy treatment

find daily peace with this set of aromatherapy treatments – highly concentrated essential oil blends formulated to deliver immediate emotional benefits. all together, these treatments help reduce the effects of a hectic, fast-paced lifestyle, and bring moments of peace and serenity to everyday life. these treatments can be used as many times throughout the day as desired. you will receive travel sized versions of: aromatic stress treatment + aromatic irritability treatment + aromatic bedtime treatment + love potion.


this giveaway will run from december 31 through january 3 on the blog and on instagram. head over there to check it out and play by those rules (i am @madameswanky).

blog rules:

comment below and introduce yourself! just your name and maybe what you would do to treat yourself with these treatments. a winner will be randomly chosen and contacted on january 4…and you will receive two sets: one for you and one for a friend of your choosing.

have fun! and good luck.

and goodness gracious, thank you team tata harper for your crazy generosity! xo.

thanks to everyone who entered! it was so nice to “meet” you and get to know each of you a bit. i wish i could give tata harper goodies to EVERYONE. maybe, someday…

our winner is…AMANDA! congrats, lady.


giveaways are my jam! my jamberry, that is. // CLOSED

that lady up there, that is karly. lovely, isn’t she? i have known this chick since we were itty-bitty kiddos, playing make-believe and driving our mums crazy with our shenanigans. as we got older, we were able to keep the friendship going thanks to our family’s summertime visits to canada. good times.

and then, high school. university. marriage. babies. and more babies. life, ya know? but thanks to our handy-dandy smart phones and email and instagram, we have been able to keep in touch and up to date on each other’s lives (not to mention all the pictures of our little ones. and if you want a laugh, check out her #weeHarriet hashtag for her little lady. priceless stuff.).

anywho. one of the things that i started noticing in all her photos is that this mum of three and all-around awesome gal always looks super polished and cool. a fresh manicure and everything! how DOES she do it? well, she is a jamberry gal. it gives her not only a creative outlet BUT it allows her to make some moolah from home so she can contribute financially while rocking it out as a mum. but instead of my attempting to share her story, why don’t i let her do that…

take it away, karly!

So. My Jamberry journey…

I have always LOVED painting my nails. This was like, MY thing. BUT they had to be painted neon pink…and okay, I’m old enough now to enjoy seeing French tips. Hooray for finding a lengthier nail painting process! #eyeroll And my love of painting my nails is why Jamberry was not for me; or so I thought…

I would literally paint my nails every 4 days – because, you know, that’s when the nail polish would start chipping (#nojanknailsforme thank you very much). Fast forward two and a half babies later when a good childhood friend tells me she’s thinking of becoming a Jamberry Nails consultant. Cue polite smiling and nodding; and of course, I can’t turn her down when she’s at my house handing a couple of samples over to me. Alright, alright…how do these nail “stickers” work? Hmm…clean nails. Check. Push back cuticles…done! Cut sample in half and remove from clear plastic backing WITHOUT touching the adhesive…okay where are those tweezers? Okay, check! Heat adhesive side with hairdryer for 3 seconds. Check! Apply to clean nail without sticking it to cuticles. Check. Clip off excess hanging over my nail…chehhhhhck. Oh. OHMY! That’s GORGEOUS! How is this that gorgeous?!

Fast forward to: Okay, okay, I can get on this Jamberry bandwagon. But don’t worry hubby, I would NEVER become a consultant. That’s not for me.

Fast forward to: Oh! You’re actually making money selling these?! Hmmm. Maybe this is for me…

Fast forward to: (PULLS OUT BULLHORN) Hello friends! Have you heard about Jamberry Nail wraps? Hey! You’re a lady! Here’s a Jamberry Nail wrap for you! Oh! I see you like to paint your nails! Here’s something a gazillion times better, a Jamberry Nail wrap!

I am a stay-at-home-wife to one amazingly hard-working man and I am also a mum to three littles. I celebrated my third baby’s one month of life by becoming a Jamberry Nails consultant.

#BecauseOfJamberry I am now paying for my monthly car payment. #BecauseOfJamberry I have made new friends and have been encouraged, supported, and built up by some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met.  In turn, I have encouraged, supported, and built up total strangers in their time of need. Jamberry truly is a sisterhood. #BecauseOfJamberry I now have this amazing creative outlet, that was otherwise lost in the midst of stay-at-home-wife-and-mother (as amazing as that gig is – it is equally awesome to finally have something that is just for me!).

I cannot say enough good things about this product and this company and what it has done for me and countless other women.  Come and see what it can do for you and your family!



yay! i love it. anytime i can share a story like this, i am game. and when the story and lady behind it go hand-in-hand with super-fab products? extra yay!

i have always been an au naturale gal when it comes to my nails. a quick clip and cuticle push-back and that’s it for me. and i have always been a little jealous of the ladies who have perfectly manicured nails. but it just didn’t seem possible. how did they have the time or money to keep things looking shiny and pretty? what about dishes and kids and the normal wear and tear of the everyday? enter, jamberry. an easy way to make your fancy nail dreams come true!

now, for the good part. if you are intrigued by this fun company and their fashionable products, have i got something for you! karly has so generously offered to give 4 SHEETS OF JAMBERRY WRAPS to one very lucky duck. head over to the online catalogue to check out the options…here. the winner will receive 4 sheets of their choice which is a $60US/$70CAN value!!!!

this giveaway will run from october 5 through october 9 on swanky & dapper and on instagramhead over there to check it out and play by those rules.

blog rules:

head to the jamberry site and take a look around, come back here and leave a comment with which design you love best. one random winner will be chosen from the combined blog + IG entries. the winner will be announced on october 10 and emailed by me.

one entry per person, open to residents of the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

giveaway runs from october 5 – october 9. closes at midnight, mountain time.

selections must be from the non-licensed design options. sorority/collegiate/muddy girl are not eligible.

oh! and karly is also offering bonus goodies for anyone who places an order with her! non-licensed wraps are Buy3Get1Free and she will include a sheet of accent nails for every order placed during the giveaway timeframe and one week beyond.

the moral of the story is: get in on all this. you can head to her site and poke around, you can view the online catalogue AND you can throw your hat in the ring for a chance to win (here and on instagram)!

good luck.

xo, rachel

a freshly picked giveaway / CLOSED



you guys. i just love that i get to bring you another freshly picked giveaway. how excited are you? because i am pretty darn excited.

as you know, we are big FP fans around here. well-constructed, chic, and classic pieces that have a major wow factor. they are form meets function. more than that, they are fab meets function. they are bright and happy and practical. elinor wears them everywhere. and they stand the test of time which is a must.

and now, because of FP’s generosity and general amazingness, we get to share the love! freshly picked is giving you the opportunity to receive a pair in whichever color and size you want and need.


this giveaway will run from august 10 through august 14 on swanky & dapper and on instagramhead over there to check it out and play by those rules.

blog rules:

head to the freshly picked site and take a look around, come back here and leave a comment with which color you love best. one random winner will be chosen from the combined blog + IG entries. the winner will be announced on august 15 and emailed by me.

one entry per person, open to US residents only.

giveaway runs from august 10 – august 14. closes at midnight, mountain time.

please note that the winner cannot have won any other giveaway including a pair of FP moccs within the last 60 days.


xo. rachel