met gala favorites


did you all see scenes from this year’s met gala? oh my goodness. swoon. there were so many INCREDIBLE looks. in another life, i will attend this soirée and wear a divine gown. for those of you who missed it, i decided to round up a few of my favorites and share them with you. thanks, vogue.

there were some definite stunners. and if you are into glitz and dress-up, i’m sure you will enjoy.

happy friday! xo.



















i’m sure you are all aware of the fact that i am a bit bauble obsessed. i love to collect statement necklaces, the more obnoxious the better. i have been known to rock a solid stack of arm candy. and i am a fan of rings of all sizes and styles – from costume to vintage cocktail to dainty stacks. i have also been playing with oversized chandelier earrings which is such fun.

IMG_1916 IMG_1917

i am all about adding a dazzling piece to give any outfit a special pop. for me, a nice piece really completes a look. and often, makes the look. a chunky necklace can make jeans and a t-shirt look like a million bucks. and the right mix of simple rings and bracelets can make a basic dress ready for date night. i have a group of easy-breezy accessories on my vanity that are my everyday items: my engagement ring and wedding band + my vrai & oro mother’s day ring + a few cocktail ring options + my watch collection. these are ready for grab and go. but i also have drawers and a display rack filled with my extras. the statement-makers, if you will. bold necklaces. vintage/family heirlooms. big ol’ bracelets. et cetera. this area of my closet is the last stop before heading out the door. it is where i add a finishing touch. it’s my festooning spot. where the dress-up and fun stuff happens.


one of my favorite shopping moments is when i find that perfect accessory to add to my stash. i am a sucker for accessories of all sorts. they add personality to an ensemble, in my opinion. a fab necklace and a bright lip can make even the most mundane outfit feel special. yes to that. in this girl’s dream world, i would be able to constantly add to my collection without paying the often steep price tag. jewelry can be ex-pen-sive.


enter, rocksbox. making my jewelry dreams come true! this rad company gives you unlimited access to rent from an ever-rotating closet of designer jewelry for a SUPER REASONABLE monthly fee. when they reached out to me, i was all YES PLEASE!

they send you a box of goodies based on your preferences and you can try them on and play and “rent the baubles” then return them for new ones. and if you fall in love with a piece, you can buy it at a major discount. cool huh?

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.30.40 AM Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.30.52 AM Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.31.06 AM Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.31.25 AM

and the very best part is that i get to share the love with you! head over to rocksbox and check out their beautiful options. they have something for everyone. whether you are an over-the-top gal or all about the minimalism, rocksbox has you covered. and when you use MADAMESWANKYXOXO at checkout, you will get 1 month free! 
i hope to see you rocking your rocksbox soon! and make sure to tag them (and me) on social so we can see how you style your pieces.
xo, rachel

having a miu miu moment


so i had a bit of a miu miu moment the other day. we are on the cusp of spring and since i switched out my closet last week, a fresh world of wardrobe was opened up to me! i love snatching up a few fun pieces at the end of a season (on crazy sale) and then putting them away for a few months so i can bring them out when i do the seasonal switcheroo. all my oldies but goodies are there alongside a few new treats. i get to have an “oh, i forgot about you, aren’t you fabulous!” moment. and it helps me get over the sadness of saying farewell to all the chunky sweaters and wools and flannels… and embrace the shorts and lightweight items and bold colors of spring.

as i have been flipping through the online pages of fashion week, i have been finding such inspiration. as i mentioned before, gucci is killing it right now. and then, there is miu miu. le swoon. the fall line is so great. references to the 80s. lots of denim. brocade. belted everything. high-waisted goodness. wide-leg trousers. trouser shorts. a nod to nerdy. a touch of velvet. and all kinds of chunky baubles. and did i mention all kinds of slippers and slides? my favorite.

so, as i transition from winter to spring (and here in arizona, all too rapidly into summer), i am taking a cue from miu miu and playing with layering up a few of these trends: denim, brocade, belted trouser shorts, and fun slides. i had such fun doing pattern play and piecing with that look up there, so you can expect to see much more of that. it was fun to take items that i have had for a few years and make them feel new by combining them in different ways. you gotta play dress up in everyday… fashion and style should be cheeky and enjoyable, right?

here are a few of my favorites from miu miu’s recent runway:

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pops of pink



for whatever reason, this week, i found myself donning two looks featuring obnoxious pink. a very strange thing for me. i love a pop of color paired with my neutrals, don’t get me wrong. but neon pink! magenta! in one week? it must be all the pollen in the air. 

before i bid adieu to all things winter (spring is officially here in like, 20 days! and arizona is running ahead of schedule so it is time for the seasonal wardrobe switch-out. bring on the shorts and lightweight fabrics. and cue the sweating…), i wanted to take my favorite zigzag hairy jumper and vintage sweater skirt for one final spin. major marian the librarian vibes. 

and then, i decided to rock some office-approriate-rocker-chick with this pencil skirt gone punk look. a heavyweight linen skirt in leopard with a bold neon tissue t-shirt paired with some chunky booties. it’s the perfect winter-to-spring transitional look, in my book. it is all sunshine around here, in the AZ. and in a few weeks it will be ALL sandals ALL the time. which reminds me, gotta get those piggies painted. any color suggestions? i need to research what’s cool in the world of nail polish colors…

on that note, happy friday! happy weekend! i am ready for some relaxation with my crew, meals with friends, more quilting, family outings, church time, and baking.


color palette


i am obsessed with warm tones paired with a pop of bright. and the fashion week runways were filled with one of my very favorite combos: pink and yellow.

i am not a huge pink girl. but i love a good neutral, and if you get the tone right, pink can be perfection. it can go from ho-hum to an ideal relaxed backdrop for pretty much everything. and when you pair it with an unexpected shade, the result is simply dazzling. dusty rose and marigold. pale petal and chartreuse. mauve and canary yellow. i have played with these tones and combos in elinor’s room and in my own closet. i love how fashion translates from the runway to the everyday in not only wardrobe choices but in home design. there’s inspiration everywhere! here’s to playing with color this spring.

granny geek chic

_GUC0103 _GUC0381 _GUC0147

the granny librarian geek chic vibe is STRONG with gucci’s spring ready-to-wear line. a pattern and texture palooza. a parade of sheen and sequins and color and vintage goodness. each look was better than the last. and because i couldn’t edit it down, i included a bunch of my favorite looks from the line, after the jump.

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