taking stock | july’s end









making / more time for leisure.
cooking / all the plants.
drinking / water + cortados + green juice + superfood smoothies + soixante-quinze + stouts.
reading / the paper + marketing copy + preschool parent documents.
wanting / F A L L.
looking / forward to the weekend.
playing / catch (well, throw at mama’s face) with ridley.
wasting / paper: lists. notes. ideas. scribbles.
sewing / slacker.
wishing / that i could do more. do everything. be everywhere. be everything. but knowing that i can’t and don’t need to.
enjoying / quiet moments at home.
waiting / in preschool car line.
liking / 4:30am.
wondering / and pondering and creating and doing and being (so pretty much all the gerunds).
loving / the breeze (albeit, a swampy breeze) on my morning run.
hoping / that i can be a delight to my savior and family and friends.
marveling / at my man.
needing / more official date nights on the calendar.
smelling / petrichor.
wearing / shorts and linen t-shirts.
noticing / how talkative ridley is whenever his gregarious sister isn’t around.
knowing / that Christ is my portion and inheritance. all i am. all i need.
thinking / about what’s around the bend.
feeling / inspired and driven and engaged.
bookmarking / places. faces. art. stories. fashion. decor. food. soaking it all in.
opening / the fridge.
giggling / at elinor’s sass

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