célébrer trente-deux



yesterday was a splendid day indeed. we did celebratory bookends, if you will. starting things off with family breakfast at tea & toast co at desoto central market. i love that spot. it’s the best for a quick bite, hanging with friends, casual conversation, and even, getting some work done. we nibbled on tasty toasts and sipped london fogs (earl gray lattes with honey).

downtown phoenix is kind of killing it right now. there are so many rad spots for food and fun. and the coffee culture is superb. so before heading home for the rest of the day, we popped across the street to grab coffee for the road at futuro.




oh futuro, you are really something. it is minimalism palooza. and while i am not really into the whole all white walls – pegged table – teeny chairs – all cement – one item per room vibe in my own home, i LOVE seeing people and shops and locations that are doing it well. and futuro is doing it well. they are all about simplicity. form and function. basics. the coffee menu is small and perfect. and the ambiance is just right.

while i waited for our tónicos (espresso with fever tree tonic over ice) to be brewed and poured, i wandered around and took in the art. local rockstar josh brizuela is featured on the walls and he makes for a fantastic gallery.

truly, i am certain that i’m in no way cool enough to just hang in this space, but i can muddle my way through a few minutes. and the quick stop is more than worth it. the coffee NEVER disappoints. especially the T Ó N I C O. woah woah woah.




with bellies full of toast and plenty of caffeine, we resumed our normal day. work and play and such. but then came the other bookend – a dinner date with my man.

we dropped off the kiddos in the evening and popped over to our favorite, citizen public house. our last date night at this spot was valentine’s day so it was definitely time. and boy oh boy was it perfect. i sipped brut rosé and we feasted on fondue and hush puppies and a duck burger with fries. we took our time and soaked it all in.

i felt so celebrated yesterday. kind words from friends and family. thoughtful presents. fun meals. good music. smiles and hugs and smooches and laughter. all the best birthday things. 32 is looking mighty fine so far. and i have big plans for this year. it’s gonna be good, i can just feel it.


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