captions and musings from the weekend


sharing a makeup free selfie to benefit a good cause. sometimes social media can be a pretty cool thing.


welcome chicken + donuts.


an impromptu donut fest to kickoff the weekend because, friYAY!!!!


morning miles with a heavy heart. praying that peace and love will reign in our hearts. praying that i can do what i can in small and large ways to support and encourage and show grace and kindness. praying for those who are hurt and scared and mourning and feeling helpless and frustrated. praying for those who are exhibiting fortitude and compassion to continue to shine brightly in these dark times. praying for my family and community and state and country and world. praying for our human race. Father God, bind up the broken. let the salve of your grace and mercy heal wounds. YOU are the remedy.


staying hydrated, kaleidoscope style.


hands down, the best acai bowl in town.


goodies galore. but they are high vibe so… #health


our breakfast companions. acting silly and eating all the food. par for the course.


when elinor prays for her uncle (who is a policeman) she says, “God, please keep him safe, and thank you for peace ossifers who ‘tect and serve”. it makes me smile but it also makes me think… from the mouths of babes, right? so i have started using her wise mispronunciation in my own prayers. may we be officers of peace. protecting those who are downtrodden, mistreated, neglected, ignored, unloved, unseen. may we be officers of peace. serving those who are oppressed and less fortunate and in need.


sabbath grab-and-go. the vegan summer salad from flowerchild.


aaaaaand more sabbath grab-and-go (because it was one of those days). plant-based melange from whole foods.


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