friday with friends







so, the content of this post is almost a week old. yikes. the days are really getting carried away. no joke, it will be christmas in a flash! and by the way, elinor could not be more excited about christmas (ben even has a countdown on his phone so he is prepared whenever she asks “how many more days???”) and i am pleased as punch. so cute. this christmas is going to be wild. oh man.

but back to the point of all this…last friday, we met up with some friends for a long overdue play date. a quick bite at chopshop and then off to peixoto for some coffee and tea (and almond milk for the little ones). we chatted and child-wrangled and stayed up past our bedtimes. seriously, we actually shut the coffee shop down! how footloose and fancy-free are we? by the time we left peixoto, the kids had full run of the joint. it was really something. letting the kids play and giggle and hold hands like best buds and cause a delightful commotion. while the adults got to sip tasty beverages and chitchat. it was a splendid evening. and something that needs to be added to the monthly repertoire like, pronto.





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