farewell dinner








this week, we said farewell to one of our favorite families. kate and cooper are in the process of packing up their home and little man roman (with baby poppy having a grand time safely nestled in the bump) and moving home to arkansas.

it is such a good move for them and i know that this is going to be a sweet season for their little crew… but i can’t help but be a tad sad and selfishly, want them to stay right here in arizona so we can have playdates and double-dates and all those fun things. and what will i do with that beautiful baby girl so far away??? we have already made a pact that we will plan west coast meet-ups and AZ meet-ups and hey, maybe even an AR meet-up.

we will miss their company like mad. they are such gems. truly.

to celebrate their big move, we managed a whizzbang evening SANS KIDS. it was just what ben and i needed and i hope it was refreshing for kate and coop too. since poppy was making mama want all the sweets, we decided to grab dinner at windsor and then move the party next door to churn. i think we were pretty satisfied with that arrangement.

AND we even managed to get some pictures together! which doesn’t usually happen… they may not be the best shots, but they are candid and there is a story behind each frame (along with plenty of laughter).








happy trails to you, until we meet again! we love you guys. thanks for partying with us. xoxo.

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