taking stock | may’s end








making / time for date nights and refreshment.
reading / corporate info + org psych + sam and dave dig a hole + spurgeon and luther.
wanting / all the beverages. feeling hot-hot-hot around here.
looking / at summertime things.
playing / catch.
wasting / wipes (you can pretty much write this in for the next few years…)
sewing / hmmm…i have a lot started and not a lot actually in process.
wishing / for an extra day in the week. holiday weekends alway mess me up.
enjoying / the fresh plants and cheery blooms in our backyard.
waiting / for the oven to heat up.
liking / my extra early morning runs (attempting to beat the sun which is tough to do during this season) and weekend practice with my man and out for the occasional legit class.
hoping / for more opportunities to serve my church family and community.
marveling / at God’s kind and generous provision.
smelling / garlic and onions getting all carmelicious.
wearing / glittery dr. scholls and simple summer items, every darn day.
noticing / the sweet and playful relationship that is growing between elinor and ridley.
knowing / that i know less and less the more and more i know.
thinking / about the fall.
feeling / grateful and energized.
bookmarking / travel and gifts and dream things.
opening / a new body butter. aaahhhhhh.
giggling / at ridley’s silly sounds and dance moves.

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