cuckoo for coconuts giveaway / closed


so excited about this one. oh man. as you probably know, i am a coconut fan. but we are a house divided when it comes to coconuts. ben is definitely not too keen on these tropical creatures. BUT, he is a sucker for popcorn. AND, he is also obsessed with flossing his teeth. and kernels and dental floss go hand-in-hand. where am i going with all this? well, our friends at quinn snacks introduced us to cocofloss a few months back and you know that i had to give it a go. coconut meets floss. excellent. it’s almost like oil pulling minus all the messy oil stuff. and what better way to remove those pesky coconut oil popcorn kernels than with coconut floss? kismet, i tell you.

so that got me thinking… a ton of my favorite things are coconut based. and with ben jumping on the coconut bandwagon with his popcorn and floss, we are officially a coconutty family now! and what better way to celebrate than by sharing a few of our favorite coconut items with you?!?!




here’s the deal: thanks to some very generous friends, i am giving away a goodie box filled with coconut treats to one very lucky person! so what’s inside the box? glad you asked.

2 bags of quinn coconut oil popcorn + 2 bags of hail merry, merry bites (macaroon-esque bites of pure bliss) + 2 packs of cocofloss + 1 jar of unrefined, expeller pressed organic coconut oil (a multitasking heavyweight for sure) + 1 container of vita coco pure coconut water

to play on the blog and get yourself an entry, just comment below and let me know your favorite coconutty thing. but, the real fun is happening over on instagram. so make sure to head there to earn a bunch more entries. the giveaway will run on the blog and instagram from tuesday, may 17 until saturday, may 21. a winner will be chosen at random and announced on saturday.

a BIG thanks to our generous friends at quinn and cocofloss and hail merry and whole foods market and vita coco for sponsoring and contributing and being all-around awesome folks.


4 thoughts on “cuckoo for coconuts giveaway / closed

  1. I never caught the coconut water bug, but I love all other things coconut. My favorites are Siggi’s coconut yogurt and Dang toasted coconut chips. Mmmm.

  2. I love adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to my turmeric milk for extra health benies, but I also love how it moisturizes my lips as I sip! Bonus!!

  3. I’m a HUGE fan of melted coconut butter drizzled over fresh berries or jam on toast. I’d love to try that popcorn!

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