taking stock | april’s end






making / lots of salads.
reading / the girl on the train. elinor’s american girl book. psych text. brand strategy guides.
wanting / tacos and queso and margaritas, like, every darn day.
looking / at summertime things.
playing / peekaboo with ridley.
wasting / chia seeds. we put them on pretty much everything and i always lose a few in the sprinkle.
sewing / planning to carve out some time this summer to tackle two quilts for our house AAAANNNNDDD a sweet baby quilt for a friend.
wishing / that we could have the cool california mornings minus the california.
enjoying / my morning bulletproof coffee. i have had a few requests to share more about that…it’s in the works.
waiting / for the sun to set.
liking / no – loving – my date nights with ben.
hoping / and holding onto His promises.
marveling / at how life has changed in the past year.
smelling / incense and coffee and spring blossoms in the rain.
wearing / mama-and-me matching hairstyles. elinor requested matching braids the other day and OH MY GOSH.
noticing / how seasonal i am. as soon as the seasons shift, my body craves different foods and different styles of movement and different everything.
knowing / that i have some truly wonderful folks in my life.
thinking / about new hairstyles. i promise that i won’t go platinum…
feeling / refreshed.
bookmarking / locations and gifts and bits-and-bobs.
opening / a new pack of wipes. we go through a bunch of these babies. BOYS ARE MESSY.
giggling / at my funny family. evening playtime is the best.

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