taking stock | february’s end

making / grilled bread with triple creme cheese and currant preserves. griddle your bread, folks. #gamechanger
cooking / lots of sweet potatoes. our favorite and ridley’s current favorite.
drinking / what i like to call my fizzy lifting drink. take one shot of espresso and pour it over ice then top with sparkling water. perfection. and again, #gamechanger
reading / sam and dave dig a hole. organizational psychology textbook. preschool websites.
wanting / to spend the summer in vancouver.
looking / around at elinor’s crazy messes. she can make ’em fast.
playing / all the dave matthews tunes. ’tis the season.
wasting / salt. a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there…it really adds up. plus, elinor likes to help in the kitchen and she has been known to steal a pinch and eat it. what a character.
sewing / all the time. i went from zero to sixty on this one. and it is such fun. i have caught the sewing bug, officially.
wishing / that the cool mornings would stay and stay.
enjoying / family strolls and creative time with elinor. she’s all about the mixed media, right now.
waiting / is the worst.
liking / my tracy anderson dance and barre classes. i look like a goofball but it is such a blast.
hoping / and praying.
marveling / at how quickly time flies. HOW IS IT ALREADY MARCH?!?! and we even got a bonus day this year. sheesh.
smelling / lemon blossoms.
wearing / yoga pants + v-neck tissue t-shirt + messy braid.
noticing / how curly elinor’s hair is.
knowing / that God is the almighty.
thinking / about balance and schedules.
feeling / a tad tight in my hips after a hefty saturday morning training run. 25k, baby.
bookmarking / inspiration from my favorite spring lines.
opening / a new pack of moleskin journals.
giggling / at ben’s silly jokes.

past post here.


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