#12DatesofChristmas2015 | number ten


 ····· on the tenth date of christmas ·····

annual formage fest

kind of can’t believe we are on number TEN already! that means christmas must be super close… (and yes, i skipped number eight and number nine on the blog. they totally happened and they were FABULOUS but they were documented on insta. the blog content fills up fast during this season. you can see a few snaps herewe wrapped gifts and enjoyed some seasonal treats and watched elf and enjoyed a tasty dinner with family.) we still need to get some “just us” date nights lined up but i have a feeling that won’t happen until january. anywho… back to cheese.

our tenth date was all about the cheese. we did a cheese night with my SIL and her man last year and decided then that this must become an annual thing. i mean, fondue. and ooey-gooey pasta.

this year, we arranged a post-church afternoon of fromage and rach and nate hosted. their home is the ideal set up for such an occasion. cool air from open windows (plus a space heater for those among us who need such nonsense). cozy nooks for curling up. the cutest tabletop tree. and lit garland hanging from wooden beams. and after we filled out bellies with our fondue starter followed by crispy-on-top baked cheesy noodles. we really put things over the top by eating a few too many (ha! no such thing) chocolate crinkle cookies while watching the great holiday baking show (an american, holiday version of the great british baking show. have you watched that? so great.). it was such fun. elinor was beside herself. cheese is kind of her favorite. and she loves to dip things in sauce. and she definitely loves noodles. but mostly, she was in it for the cookies. in fact, within a few minutes of arriving, elinor said to auntie rachel: “someone told me i could have cookies here.” so, that was hilarious. she gets that one-track-cookie-mind from her papa. for sure. but, ’tis the season, right? eat all the cookies, my friends. live it up! and cheese. eat plenty of that stuff too.

thanks for a perfect afternoon of conversion and nourishment and laughter, schroeder fam. and happy christmas!

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