happy third birthday, elinor grace whitehouse

IMG_1591 IMG_1593

happy third birthday, darling doll.

it is beyond wild that you have three years of life under your belt. you have learned so many things in such a short amount of time. you have delighted us beyond measure. you have challenged us. you have expanded our hearts. you have added such joy to our home. cheer and fun and imagination and play. and laughter, definitely laughter.

you are a force, my dear. you are bold and loud and bright. you are curious and creative. you are sweet and strong. you are fabulously sassy and ever so smart. personality for days.

we love how attentive you are. how interesting you are. how complicated you are. how dramatic and emotional you are. how intense you are. we marvel at how God molds your heart daily. shaping your character and moving you toward Christ. we pray that you will make a strong confession of faith at an early age. that you grow in strength and beauty, that your love for Christ and desire for His truth deepens. may you thirst for knowledge and wisdom and righteousness. may you strive for holiness. may you be fearless because you are confident in who you are in Christ. may you do great and wonderful things. may you honor your Heavenly Father and bring delight to your parents and those around you.

you are the bestest treasure. a very merry birthday to you. now, time for a party with plenty of papa’s macarons…

xo, mama + papa (and ridley too)

 elinor’s birth announcement

the dear peanut series

the story of elinor’s birth 


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