taking stock | september’s end


making // big green power smoothies.
cooking // big bowls of veggies for lunch.
drinking // water, water, water + booch + rich, frothy coffee.
reading // bringing up boys + philosophy textbooks + montessori reference books.
wanting // to relocate to aspen for the winter.
looking // at the dog hair tumbleweeds in my house. i clean them up every few days and they magically regenerate. dogs. sheesh.
playing // airplane with ridley and grocery store with elinor.
wasting // hair ties. i bought a mega pack so elinor would have plenty on hand for teeny topknots and pigtails. but those little buggers keep disappearing on me.
sewing // living vicariously through my mum who is killing it. quilts and projects galore! speaking of, i have a mending job for you when you have a sec…
wishing // on the blood moon. not really, but did you see it? how cool, right?
enjoying // my quiet time.
waiting // for sweater weather to happen.
liking // fall CSA boxes.
loving // the way ridley links his little arm around mine nuzzles into my collarbone, and grabs my shirt when i hold him.
hoping // that i can sneak in a pedicure this weekend.
marveling // at the small and sweet blessings that i experience throughout my day.
needing // to reorganize my front closet.
smelling // amber + patchouli incense.
wearing // my super soft lounge pants + my essential v-neck t-shirt + a messy braid.
noticing // how much life has changed in the last two years.
knowing // my need for fresh manna and mercy and grace.
thinking // about putting in a new kitchen sink.
feeling // grateful for mama prayer warriors and interesting conversation.
bookmarking // all the books. all the web pages. all the catalogues.
opening // the windows in the morning. just for a moment…
giggling // with my little man. he’s such a flirt.

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