taking stock | june’s end

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making // silly faces.
cooking // nothing. my awesome man is taking care of all that these days and he is killing it.
drinking // my bodyweight in water and coconut water.
reading // scripture to our little man.
wanting // another slice of ben’s delicious bread.
looking // at dance classes for elinor.
playing // bob dylan on repeat. because elinor is obsessed with him.
wasting // wipes and diapers. newborns. sheesh.
sewing // still nada.
wishing // that i could fast-forward and freeze time, all at once.
enjoying // morning snuggles with my family.
waiting // for ben and elinor to return from the store.
liking // ridley’s soft baby blankets.
loving // life.
hoping // in God’s promises.
marveling // at elinor’s maturity + my man’s attentiveness and kindness + ridley’s growth and changes.
needing // a fresh mascara.
smelling // clary sage.
wearing // strapless terry dresses. cool for summer and perfect for lounging and breastfeeding.
noticing // how quickly the hours pass.
knowing // that i am loved.
thinking // about some mini-getaway ideas.
feeling // all the feelings.
bookmarking // the book of romans + our children’s storybook bible + my j.crew catalogue.
opening // a green chia kombucha.
giggling // at funny baby expressions and elinor’s jokes.

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