taking stock | may’s end

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making // messes and tea with elinor.
cooking // cauliflower tahini rice. my obsession.
drinking // all the beverages. can’t get enough fluid these days.
reading // my birthing and baby books, as a refresher.
wanting // to be in santa barbara right now. doesn’t that sound nice?
looking // out the window at the hummingbirds and butterflies that flit around our lemon tree.
playing // with my belly button. my little game of tickle the baby.
wasting // paper. lists and scribbles and such.
sewing // nope. but admiring creations of other talented sewers.
wishing // that i could know when ridley is planning to arrive…
enjoying // saturday mornings at the farmers market.
waiting // for an email.
liking // enjoying some quiet time in ridley’s rocker.
wondering // where the summer will take us…
loving // my wonderful man.
hoping // for big things.
marveling // at how quickly time passes.
needing // a big iced tea.
smelling // a balancing blend of lavender, sweet marjoram, chamomile, ylang ylang, and sandalwood.
wearing // an easy breezy dress. i plan to sport these and these along for the next few weeks.
noticing // how luxurious my hair is right now. yay for hormones! but be kind to me postpartum. no thinning and weirdo hair loss, pretty please.
knowing // that God is in control.
thinking // and thinking. and thinking some more.
feeling // so many things, all at once.
bookmarking // the psalms. and baby books. and journals. and summerwear catalogues.
opening // a bag of hail merry chocolate macarons. which i intend to eat in one sitting, thank you very much.
giggling // at ben and elinor’s evening antics. they are such a cute pair. i love watching their relationship grow.

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