a few of my favorite things from around the interwebs


this cake

i want to eat these all the time

the difference between good coffee and bad coffee

sometimes you really bum me out, america. get it together.

this article has been getting a lot of buzz lately. what do you think of the “dad bod” idea?

a beautiful and raw capture of a mother breastfeeding her miracle baby after delivery. she was diagnosed with breast cancer around 20 weeks pregnant and received a left mastectomy and endured chemo in the last months of pregnancy. amazing.

this PERFECT bundle for our little man. noble carriage teams up with charity: water to create the sweetest gift bundles for little ones that provide water for those in need.

this bag for weekend getaways (or upcoming travels to fab cities with your man. psssst…i am talking to you, hubby. wahoo for trips!)

for those of you who supported and shared…THANK YOU! the florette is fully funded! stay tuned for some rad things to come from this company…

this dish is right up my man’s alley.

loving this bathing suit. and this one too.

this bums me out, big time. but they are handling it beautifully and i am eagerly awaiting some of their frozen yumminess again soon!

gotta have a party like this soon.


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