weekend outtakes


some early morning insanity max:30 with my man followed by a family walk to get our vitamin D dose and some of that deliciousness up there. my new smoothie obsession. unsweetened almond milk + kale + spinach + quinoa powder + macs powder + peanut butter + banana + coconut shreds + flax seeds + cacao. it seriously tasted like a milkshake and i felt kind of naughty drinking it for breakfast. like, i was getting away with something…


and then there is this. staring people down and looking super serious while sipping on her smoothie. she really was enjoying her morning…


elinor wearing “my necklace” and putting on mama’s “lipstick”. well, it is actually lip moisturizer. and it is tata harper so i feel good about the fact that she is ingesting more than she is wearing. we need to work on her application technique, clearly.

IMG_0809 IMG_0808

and as we were getting ready to hop into the car, elinor stopped in the garage and requested “a picture of meeeeee”. ben asked her to smile and she started turning around and giving us model poses and looking-off-into-the-distance expressions. it was super cute. (and please excuse the random bits around her. those are miscellaneous components of some various DIY projects that are either in-the-works or need-to-tackle. nesting, man. blame the baby for the crazy. i certainly do.)


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