taking stock | august’s end


we need to discuss the fact that i am pretty sure i just completed the july end taking stock like, yesterday. how are we on the cusp of september? not that i am complaining. just saying, it is wild.

|making| tea. forcing fall to arrive. go away you hundred degree temps! shoo!
|cooking| lots of rice.
|drinking| green juice and homemade kombucha.
|reading| augustine + goodnight gorilla + ND and Seminary and PhD stuff. you know, new decade life goals research and such. + one more thing by b.j. novak
|wanting| to buy sweaters but my sweat glands won’t let me just yet.
|looking| at my freshened up bookshelves.
|playing| with my hair. to chop or not to chop. what the heck do i want to do with it for fall?
|wasting| time thinking about stupid things like my hair.
|sewing| i really just need to remove this one. slacker.
|wishing| that elinor would quit trying to take off her diaper and clothes. are you potty trained yet? like, for realsies?
|enjoying| making plans for the next couple years of vacations and travels.
|waiting| for clothes to dry.
|liking| the sound of the wind.
|wondering| if i will ever learn how to play the piano. i really need to get back at it.
|loving| family walks before bedtime.
|hoping| that we get some good lemons and oranges from our trees…
|marveling| at God’s perfect timing.
|needing| to just make a decision about our dining table and chairs and put an end to all the nonsense.
|smelling| frankincense and patchouli.
|wearing| comfy soffe shorts from back in college and a roots canada t-shirt.
|noticing| the light shifting into a new season.
|knowing| that i’ve got it good.
|thinking| about how busy november will be.
|feeling| more calm and collected than i have in some time.
|bookmarking| decorative bits for the holiday season.
|opening| the sunroof.
|giggling| at elinor’s jokes. she’s got some major comedic timing.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.


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