{saturdaysanté} week 15 | april 12



whew!  this was such a full weekend.  so many activities.  hustle and bustle, big time.  but it was enriching as well.

we knew things were going to be a bit wild.  we knew that we would be a bit off of our usual schedule.  naps might be cut short.  time at home would be scarce.  we also knew that we would get to spend time with familiar faces.  we would get to enjoy the outdoors.  we would be enjoying mini adventures.  and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

our saturday was spent running errands, buying presents, seeing faces from years gone by, and seizing the moment.  running through fountains in bare feet and fully clothed.  giggles and smiles.  taking a moment to just, live a little with our little.




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