taking stock | february’s end

taking stock

|making| silly faces at elinor.
|cooking| is on pause this week as all this warm weather business has me inspired to eat fresh.
|drinking| moroccan mint green tea.
|reading| lots and lots of nutritional concepts.  re-reading my work with an editing eye.  working on a great project.
|wanting| to lay on the beach.
|looking| the hummingbird outside my window.
|playing| güngör
|wasting| paper towels.  the cleaning kick is kind of out of control at the moment.  i am determined to maintain my domain.
|sewing| looking at fabric and planning my next move…
|wishing| that my hair were super long again.
|enjoying| my super productive morning time.
|waiting| for the next thing.
|liking| my new necklace display.  i repurposed elinor’s old curtain rod {too small for her new window} and it is perfection!
|wondering| if we will experience another cool spell before the sweltering summer begins…
|loving| our new neighborhood park.
|hoping| and praying for wisdom and direction.
|marveling| at how strong elinor is.  like an ant, this one.  she gets the shoulders and calves from her papa.  and the “turbo mode” from her mama.
|needing| a date night.
|smelling| orange blossoms.
|wearing| my hair in a topknot.
|following| my little peanut all around the house.  and the backyard.
|noticing| that my plants are still alive!
|knowing| and experiencing my Savior is the best.
|thinking| about my role as a mother.
|feeling| like i need a good hot yoga session.
|bookmarking| curated, unique bits for our home.
|opening| the fridge to make some dinner.
|giggling| with my hubby after elinor is asleep.

past post here.  and feel free to join in and take stock.


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