drought resistant


this pot makes me so happy.  gah, those gorgeous little succulents!  keep your green thumbs crossed for me…i am a notorious plant killer.  it amazes me that i can manage to care for myself, my hubby, two pups, AND A TINY HUMAN but plants continue to die on me.  sheesh.  but, i feel good about these.  this WILL be my lucky pot of plant life.  perhaps caring for and not killing these dudes will bolster my gardening confidence enough to put in an herb garden for the spring.

i selected some drought resistant plants for a few reasons.  but mainly, because they are native and acclimated to our desert.  rumor has it that they thrive in harsh climates.  and they prefer to be left alone until they are in absolute need of water.  no finicky, daily drip system watering waste or exact measuring or complex schedules.  just let them live until they are dry and then, just add water.  that is my cup of tea.  i know it won’t be exactly that easy, but you get the picture.



2 thoughts on “drought resistant

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