so around socialmediaville, there is this meme of #firstworldproblems.  in case you are wondering what that means, here are a few examples:

i have more clothes than clothes hangers

i bought new shampoo but i forgot to bring it into the shower

i forgot that i was watching a show that i had dvr’d…and i wasted time watching commercials

a song i like came on pandora but i accidentally hit “dislike”

i went to goodwill and they didn’t have anything cool

my diamond earrings keep scratching my iPhone

get it?  things that we catch ourselves thinking or complaining about that in the grand scheme of things are absurd.

well, i had a killer #firstworldproblems experience last week.  like, pathetically textbook.  here goes…

ben and i met up with some family to pick out tile for a bathroom remodel project.  we coordinated this with our date night so that we could just leave E with the grandparents and head out from our rendezvous point.  i switched out the car seat and gathered up all E’s toys and her stroller so she would have her gear for the evening, just in case.  after we completed the shopping experience, we all hopped into our separate cars to go about our various evening plans.  ben and i dawdled a bit once we got in the car, making plans for our date.  once we got around to starting up the car, all we heard were clicks.  dead battery.  we sat there for a moment deciding what to do.  ben got out the iPhone and our AAA card and placed a call to roadside assistance.  meanwhile, i searched on my iPhone for local auto locations for battery replacement.  we were told that we had a 30 minute wait.  and so, we walked across the parking lot to starbucks.  we pulled out our starbucks gold cards and app and got ourselves two venti coffees.  we sat at a little table, sipping coffee, listening to jazz, chatting, and instagramming.  “stranded” at starbucks.  totally throwing off the timing of date night.  the AAA guy sent us a text to tell us he was here.  after only 15 minutes.  he jumped the car and we were on our way to grab a fresh battery.  we called from the road and made an appointment.  in and out with new juice in under 7 minutes.  and then, off to dinner.  two glasses of wine, appetizer, entrees, and dessert.

now, at the time, i was legitimately frustrated that our evening had been thrown out of whack.  i actually made a few sassy remarks.  and then, as i sat sipping my coffee…i took stock and chuckled at my ridiculousness.  first world problems indeed.  i am pretty sure that God smacked me upside the head in that moment.  goodness gracious.  our life is so good.  our life is so filled with grace upon grace.  and you know what?  this realization truly helped me savor that evening’s moments that much more.



the juicing of my creative mind grapes


mind grapes.  30 rock.  you get it.

and if you don’t get it…here’s a helpful glossary

the little miss has inspired me to squeeze some creative juices and put my hands to work.  after a very productive trip to the fabric store and a late-night odds and ends supply purchase last week…i finally have all the fixings for a mini-enterprise.

i have been batting around some ideas and will be getting my ducks in a row shortly.  but for now, let’s just say that there is some mother-daughter-granddaughter collaboration going on and it is too much fun.

and miss elinor sure is enjoying playing the muse and model.

sd6 sd7

the girl in the heart pajamas

e2 e3 e1

miss elinor is such a force.  she is so intrepid and strong.  but every so often, she flirts with her softer side.  it is probably the combination of morning light and soft and feminine heart pjs and a bit of residual sleepiness…but elinor was just too darn precious the other morning.

she moved deliberately.  stroking her toys, flipping the pages of her book, sticking her pinky in the air as she examined her stuffed animals.  her blinks were slow, giving time for each of her lovely lashes to flutter and flirt.  her nose looked especially button-y.  her lips, rosy pink which highlighted her perfect cupid’s bow.  and her voice was singing sweetly in hushed tones.  serenading her playthings.

i love that she has such a robust personality.  a mix of sweet and soft with serious and strong.  sugar and spice.  and i savor these moments where she is especially everything nice.

a runny egg topper makes food look fancy


there is such simplicity and refinement in a gorgeous, runny egg.  especially a pasture egg.  the yolks are extra sunshiney and rich.  you know those glorious eggs that the british tv cooks use?  jamie oliver and the nigella lawson would make me so jealous with those orange yolks of theirs.  they casually crack the shells, revealing an egg which is clearly superior and they treat it like no big deal.  meanwhile, i am thinking about my pathetic, yellow yolk.

sometimes, those europeans really have us beat.  they get raw cheese galore too.  don’t get me started.

but, last week while perusing the options at whole foods, i spotted a few special egg cartons all tucked away.  they were intriguing.  i grabbed one and did some reading.  these little guys were eggs from a smaller local farm and they were the cutest speckled eggs that you ever did see.  and from truly roaming, pasture chickens.  great, i will give them a go.  i usually go for the pasture eggs anyway but these appeared to be extra couture or something.  and i am a sucker for small batch, local anything.

as soon as possible, i plucked one from the carton and started about making them into a meal.  and my oh my.  at first crack i knew i had found my nigella eggs.  orange yolks!  real orange.  not teaser yolks with an orangey-yellow hue.  no mediocre pigmentation here.  these were as orange as orange could be.  the stuff that english countryside dishes are made of.

and yes, i pay out the nose for them but that’s okay.  a runny golden yolk is like gold flakes, in my book.

p.s. the dish above is zucchini + dill + spring onion + feta patties layered with cold smoked sockeye salmon and topped with a runny egg and micro kale


obedience is the splint which God places on the broken life, that it might mend.

a few weeks ago during our church service, dr. jerry root shared his thoughts on obedience.  and this quote just struck me.  and it stuck with me.  i have been meditating on this pretty hard.

it is easy to think of obedience as a bummer.  as something we have to do.  as something that the good people do.  as something that i am not good at.  as something i fight.  but, no.  obedience is healing.

this word comes from ortho.  as in, orthopedic or orthodoxy.  just like orthopedic doctors will realign or make straight, God provides instruction that we might obey.  this obedience helps to ortho us.  it makes us straight.  upright.  that we may stand up straight before God.

i don’t know about you, but my spiritual spine can get twisted from time to time.  i can develop a bit of a hunchback.  i can buckle under the weight of the load that i try to shoulder on my own.  but, no.  Christ says, “take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for i am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (matthew 11:29-30).  he wants to come alongside us and shoulder the load.  to teach us the correct way.  to instruct us.  to strengthen us.  to help us to stand up straight.

Lord, may i be obedient.  may my life be upright.



winner winner chicken dinner



so last week, i put some freshly picked moccasins on elinor’s fabulous things list.  i was planning on picking up a pair of these little cuties for her birthday but before i pulled the trigger, i stumbled across an instagram giveaway care of @mrssargent and @aruffledlife.  so, i figured…what the heck?  might as well throw my hat in the ring and cross my fingers {and toes}.  perhaps THIS would be our lucky day.  a girl can dream, right?  and so, i did my thing.  didn’t really get my hopes up {i NEVER win these things}. and then i went about my day.

weeeeell…later on that evening, i picked up my phone and my screen was filled with a mixture of jealous and congratulatory comments.  WWHHHAAAAAT?  oh my goodness.  i was a winner.  oh my goodness.  it was so cool.  i was positively giddy.  and everyone in the room as the time got an earful of joyful exclamations.  seriously, i felt like i won the lottery.  FREE FRESHLY PICKED MOCCS!  it was a good day.  and just in time for E’s birthday, no less.

and while i feel i little silly for devoting an entire post to my excited blathering, i really needed to share my gratitude.  {happy dance}

elinor doesn’t quite understand what all the fuss is about…but she will soon learn that free shoes is a pretty great thing.

thank you so much to the sweet ladies who hosted this giveaway.  AND a big thanks to freshly picked for making such fabulous shoes for littles. 

elinor will wear them proudly.

eep!  so excited.  so surprised.  so overwhelmed.