dating my hubby


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last week during staycation, hubby and i got out on the town, just the two of us.  and you know what, it was amazing.  as you have noticed, we are suckers for family dates.  we sure do love our little girl.  and she is a doll.  BUUUUT…we really like each other.  he is my best bud and we enjoy our time together.  we NEED our time together.  time when we can shut off the mama and papa brains and just connect.  you, know.  as us.  talk.  flirt.  be silly.  dream.  and THAT is precisely what we did.

we dropped off miss elinor for a fun evening away from us {which she loves, by the way.  she has quite the independent streak, that baby girl of ours} and we took off for dinner out.  local bistro was calling our name.  carb-a-palooza.  we sipped some delicious red.  we ate flatbread with the yummiest dips.  calamari… and then tagliatelle with creamy white wine and truffle mushroom sauce.  yes.

it was delightful.  just all around delightful.  me and my man.  and piles of scrumptiousness.  i sure do love dating my hubby.

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