an anniversary celebration

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to celebrate seven years we did something a bit different than our usual date night at royal palms.  since t.cook’s is getting a face lift {p.s. so darn excited for the fresh restaurant grand opening in september.  new decor.  new chef.  new menu.  eeeep!  what a great excuse for a fabulous date night!} we figured that we would take a year off from tradition and head over to lon’s for dinner.  it still has a wedding vibe since it was the site of our rehearsal dinner.  and let me say, we do not go here enough.  it is quintessential arizona.  so laid back and desert rustic.  and with the picturesque mountains as a backdrop, we did it up in style.  i even busted out the fancy shoes and purse!  we dropped off miss e and headed to the hermosa inn a bit early for some relaxation in the lounge.  after unwinding and getting in some good pre-dinner conversation, we moved the party to the dining room for a super tasty tasting menu.  wow.  lots of food.  lots of laughter.  lots of just good stuff.  i love spending time with my man.  we have a swell time together.  we reminisced.  we talked about the future.  we shared stories and hopes and dreams and plans.  we talked about us.  life is sweet.  here’s to years and years and years together…


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