oh! well, hello there.


total blogging slacker, here.  sorry folks.  whew!  things have been busy-busy.  elinor and i spent most of last week in-and-out {mmmm…kinda gives me a hankering for a double-double.  you know what i’m saying}  of the car on wedding coordinating adventures.  have i mentioned that my little sister tied the knot this past weekend?!?!  yes, yes.  a married lady now.  it was a big ol’ party on sunday.  lots of cowboy boots and big hair and pretty makeup and burly men wearing billy ball boutineers and two stepping and bbq and sweet preserves and scrumptious pie…oh, the pie.  it was really something.  and now, now we get to take a breath.  AND, i can devote some time to my poor little neglected blog.

stay tuned for a belated five month update for our little peanut {feel free to review past posts here and here and here and here so that miss elinor’s cutie pie-ness is fresh in your mind}, some wedding-y stuff, perhaps some mama musings, and bits and pieces that i have been collecting.

happy monday ladies and gents!


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