it’s friday but sunday is coming…

good friday links + reading

the crucifixion account:  matthew 27

behold the Son

what does it mean for Jesus to despise shame?

free download: a sample from “salvation accomplished by the Son”

Lord, quiet my spirit on this day of darkness.  may i reflect upon my Savior’s passion as i ponder the darkness of my own heart.  may i recognize my sin that put my Savior on that cross, that i may appreciate all the more the joy that sunday brings.  may my fervor be refreshed.  may i understand more deeply the consequences of my sin and the greatness of Christ’s sacrifice.  and may my spirit rejoice in my redemption.


three things

three things i am loving right now

the  j.crew kicks edition


neon pink loafers


hummingbird satin and glitter heel pumps


boat shoes with bright soles

…and let’s be honest, it was pretty tough to narrow this down to “three things”.  i could do about six more “three things” posts and not even scratch the surface.  j.crew equals amazingness.

mama musings

photo 1

one of my very favorite things?  the walk upstairs to put this little bundle down for a nap.  when miss elinor gets sleepy and is finished with playtime, she rubs her eyes, tosses to and fro, and begins searching for her thumb.  this is my cue.  i scoop her up and take her upstairs.  in some kind of precious baby pavlovian response, elinor grabs my sleeve with her right hand, sucks on her left thumb, lets out a sweet sigh, and curls herself up, nuzzling right under my collarbone.  every time.  every day.  every nap.  and it just melts me.  ya know?  wowee.  thank you, Heavenly Father for these sweet moments in life.

i just had to chronicle this so i will never forget that overwhelming feeling of mama bliss.  that’s all.


this was a good weekend.  we enjoyed some much-needed scheduled nothing and got a bunch done.  this is such a busy season.  so when we have a few hours to relax together, plan together, check stuff off the ol’ to-do list together, and eat yummy food together it is perfect.

even though much of the weekend was spent driving here and there and doing thing after thing…we were able to spend some time outside in the delicious springtime sun while savoring some tasty plates, sipping on refreshing beverages, and licking on cones of cold, creamy goodness.  yup.  it was amazing.  it doesn’t get much better than this…

photo 2 photo 2 (2) photo 4 photo 3 photo 3 (2) photo 1 (2)

me and my bearded, specs wearing man + a sweet little peanut chilling in her stroller.  feet up.  tongue out.  + a grapefruit beverage at windsor + cheddar biscuits with gravy and sausage + yes.  i had brunch dessert.  toasted coconut and double chocolate ice cream from churn.  the place is right next door…it is meant to be.  +  miss elinor with her “please papa, please may i have some sausage?” face

how was your weekend?  are you ready for monday? 


all things bright and beautiful

color color2

spring.  ah, spring.  feels good, doesn’t it?  amazing what one little day can do.  things feel fresh.  the air feels different. a spring in your step, if you will.  welcome!  you sprightly season, you.

springtime makes me want fresh fruit and hot dogs and peanuts {preferably at the ball game} and ice cream and floral prints and bright colors.  this saturday will be spent switching out wardrobes and tidying up to make way for a fresh season.  i am hoping to dive into some cheery DIY projects and to add more fresh flowers to our home.

so happy to smell the orange blossoms in the air again.  bonjour, spring buds.  nice to see you again, brightly painted toenails.

the eyes have it.

this little ball of blue-eyed cuteness is happy as can be that monday is here.  her mama and papa?  well, not so much.  our eyes are sleepy today and could use just one more day of lounging.  but the little one?  she is bright-eyed and ready to take on a new week of baby happenings.

 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

oh sweet elinor, may you always view each day with joyful anticipation and tenacity. 

…and may your parents be inspired by your spirit.