my ideal bookshelf


we snagged this book for ben’s mom for christmas because, well, what a cool idea!  a book that compiles the “ideal bookshelves” of some very interesting people!

but, do you know the backstory?  it started as this.  again, cool right?  a custom-made piece of art that displays your favorite reads.  amazing.  which books would be in your ideal bookshelf?

and p.s. i have no clue how my hubby would narrow it down.  he has about a bajillion books.  i know that one day our home will have one of those fancy libraries with the sliding ladders a la beauty and the beast.  {sigh}


2 thoughts on “my ideal bookshelf

  1. When I came out to Scottsdale a few years back, I had travelled with my recent ElleDecor, and I read an article about Badgley Mischka’s new house in Kentucky…the color coded their shelves, and so I did that for Amy. I have done it about 5 times since, for clients….and they love it.
    A return to color-blocking….sublime!

    • Too funny! I color blocked our bookshelves a few years ago because Ben is a book hoarder and I figured we might as well put them to decorative use 🙂 He fought me on it at first because he likes his books arranged by the Dewey Decimal system…but I won out and it looks fabulous!

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