2012 {a year in pictures}

drumroll please…and here it is, the highly anticipated 2012 in review!  it was so much fun to go back through the archives and select some of my favorite snaps to tell the story of 2012.  boy, it was tough to narrow it down.  really tough.  now, if you are looking for a leisurely activity for your friday evening, feel free to grab your beverage of choice, curl up with a big blanket, head back to january of 2012, and read all of my posts from top to bottom.  good stuff and lots of food…

this was a pretty big year for us.  and we are looking forward to all that God has in store for us in 2013.

take a peek…after the jump as to not use up all my blog real estate…

2012 {a year in pictures}

IMG_1022 IMG_1177 IMG_1239 IMG_2026 IMG_2042 IMG_2283 IMG_2294 IMG_2303 IMG_2591 IMG_2700 IMG_2939 IMG_3185 IMG_3193 IMG_3338 IMG_3564 IMG_3635 IMG_3414 IMG_3496 IMG_4021 IMG_4100 IMG_4108 IMG_4766 IMG_4274 IMG_4304 IMG_4513 IMG_4692 IMG_4800 IMG_4892 IMG_4837 IMG_4943 IMG_4968 IMG_4980 IMG_5011 IMG_5019 IMG_5174 IMG_5268 IMG_5128 IMG_5399 IMG_5141 IMG_5383 IMG_5151 IMG_5599 IMG_5546 IMG_5520 IMG_5264


2 thoughts on “2012 {a year in pictures}

    • Thanks Tracy! It was fun to do. I love looking back through the year…so many fun moments (and BIG moments!) together. The nursery is such a lovely little place. I’m so inspired in there…I could do some major shopping damage but I *try* to keep it under control 🙂

      And yes, Elinor’s “bath face” is our very favorite. She still shows us that expression at every bath time. {heart melting}

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a line!

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