sew. a needle pulling thread

i have been so inspired to sew lately!  i don’t know if it is some kind of maternal phenomenon.  or if it being inundated by super cute baby clothes.  or if it my queasy gut that just can’t justify paying to ship all those fancy european nursery items across the pond.  or if it is all those trips to the quilting store with my mom.  but something in me says, “i can make that!  i can sew!”

sew {pun} here is the plan: i am going to get myself a sewing machine {mom, aren’t you proud?!} and become a sewing machine {pun again.  sheesh.  are you annoyed yet?}

really, truly.  i have picked out a singer that should do the trick.  it should arrive next week. and then, well…i am jumping in!  i am going to lean on those home ec classes from high school and pick my mom’s brain too.  but mostly, i am just going to play and try things.  i am going to find myself some fabulous fabric and have at it!  and yes, i will post my finished products here for all to see.  the good, the bad, and the ugly.  i am really excited to do this!  i can do it…right?!  right.

here are some fun things that have served as inspiration for my new hobby.  i am going to try my hand at creating my own versions of these.  should be fun and at times, comical.


cute little pillows for elinor’s room in fabulous fabrics


fun print leggings BDK_6423

sassy accessories by my current obsession…bambinos and bunny


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