snaps & snippets & blurbs

happy monday!  it is monday, right?  i must admit, our little peanut is making things blur together a bit.  can you believe that thanksgiving is this week?!  eek!  you know what that means…it is just about time to put up the tree.  hopefully i can get that done during miss e’s nap time.  my, how life changes.

anyway…here are some recent snaps from around these parts.   you will probably notice an emerging theme:  baby + food.  this is our life.

it is my distinct pleasure to present to you…miss elinor’s belly button! + white bean and kale soup with homemade english muffin flax seed bread + coco snuggling with her buddy + peppered salami, chipotle cranberry turkey, cheddar, and stout mustard on homemade sourdough bread + the two of us + a date night at brat haus + nap time in a bumblebee blanket + chicken saltimbocca with grilled asparagus + all curled up with her cute little lips


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