sometimes i wish for fall, wish for the release

yup. that’s a weird al-esque rip off of florence and the machine.  deal with it.

isn’t fall the best? i know i am simply joining the masses of pinterest-ers in the sharing of this sentiment, but i can’t help it.  i love this season.  now, i don’t live in a place that is truly fall-ish.  the desert doesn’t exactly shift to cold come mid-september.  there aren’t really leaves on the ground.  but, it is still such a lovely time.  the light changes.  the air feels different.

the lethargy of summer dissipates.  my body wakes up.  i once again enjoy evening runs in the crisp air.  my toes long to be covered by socks and blankets and boots.  my soul is refreshed by the cinnamon-spiced breeze.  i turn once again to thick blankets, evenings with a mug of something warming, and cuddling to the glow of flickering candles.  the heat and haze of summer is lifted and i am left invigorated.  inspired.  new projects.  a woolen wardrobe.  different music.  goodies to bake.

what a special time of year.  relaxation and slowing down and cozying up seem to effortlessly harmonize with intensification and bustling about and venturing out.  i love the unique contrast that fall brings.

what are your fall favorites? what gets you excited about this season?

répondez s’il vous plait


One thought on “sometimes i wish for fall, wish for the release

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