35 weeks

cravings & such:  taking in a bunch of good stuff, one bite at a time.  i am trying to get the most nutrition packed into the smallest package since big meals can be a bit much these days.  bang for my caloric buck, people…sausages, hamburgers, and fries notwithstanding.  and i am really trying to steer clear of sugar since it makes me feel icky after i consume it.  but sometimes i just have to break down and indulge that sweet tooth because it does taste pretty darn good while i am consuming it.  think sour stuff and super rich chocolate and milkshakes.  yum. 

the bump:  it is just there.  my ball of baby.  enough said.

cool & cute things:  baby’s kidneys are fully developed and her liver can process some waste products.  yippee!  getting ready to fill those itty-bitty diapers.  basic physical development is now mostly complete.  her job in the coming weeks is to just put on weight.  home stretch.  quite literally.

new things:  things are getting tight in there. baby girl is over 18 inches long and weighs about 5 1/4 pounds.  because she is so snug in my belly, she doesn’t have as much space for those dramatic somersaults anymore.  but, as she gets bigger and stronger, those kicks and punches are feeling more intense.

meaningful moments:  this was one crazy week.  somehow, in my genius, pregnancy hormone-addled, placenta brain, i scheduled a whole lotta action for this week.  i mean, i crammed it all in.  we went on our hospital tour, we met with the pediatrician, and we had another doctor appointment complete with ultrasound.  ooohhh…she is a cute one!  a cute one who really likes to suck her thumb and nibble on her fingers.  she even blinked for us and we saw her eyelashes.  eyelashes!  but i must say, in spite of the crazy scheduling, we do feel much better after this week.  more settled and resolved.  a bit more a peace.  and more eager than ever to meet our little girl!

the countdown:  35 days.  woah, folks.  that is like, a month!

current size:  a honeydew melon.  awwhh…my little honeydew.


dear mr. chester oddfellows [a.k.a. the wonderland-esque hotel]

add this to the list for our future trip across the pond.  we are gonna have a ball on our sometime-in-the-future-when-we-have-plenty-of-cash-and-time-not-to-mention-the-mental-emotional-fortitude-to-travel-with-a-wee-one-trip-to-the-uk, i tell you!  we are most definitely staying here.  the oddfellows is the ultimate spot to “dine. drink. dream.” gotta love that tagline.  plus, it is perfectly lewis carroll inspired!  classic yet quirky.   modern with a vintage twist.  delightfully whimsical yet luxurious.

pictures courtesy of afflante

a happy sprinkling of joy and generosity

elinor’s aunt bree and honorary aunt hallie threw us a little party last weekend. well, them plus a gaggle of gals who came together to help with ideas and execution. we are so blessed to have so many creative people in our lives who wanted to share in this day. and of course, these girls went above and beyond and everything was darling.

the fête was hosted by a family friend and she let us hang out on her super-soft couches while we nibbled and noshed on tasty treats [thank you mom for making that to die for quiche and perfect fruit salad and tart lemon squares].

the shower had a bookworm theme which was seen in every detail of the day. we took home many, many books that have filled miss elinor’s bookshelves. she is going to have quite the enviable library.

it was so special to have a bunch of wonderful friends around for a morning of giggling, story-sharing, and brunch-munching. baby and i feel so special. i know that elinor is already so loved and prayed for…and spoiled!

thank you, thank you!

dear peanut

um, would you look at those little headbands?  too cute, right?  i bet you just can’t wait to wear them.  i wonder what you look like…hair?  peach fuzz?  blonde?  brunette?  straight or curly?  whose nose will you have?  whose profile?  ears?  eyes?  so many questions.  your papa and i just can’t wait to meet you and discover the answers to all these questions and so many more.

what will your personality be like?  quiet, contemplative, reserved.  boisterous, outspoken, bold.  sweet and shy.  serious and sassy.  will you have your papa’s musical ability?  will you have my dramatic tendencies?  will you be an avid reader?  will you have a dash of nerdiness?

so many things are swirling in our minds right now.  we like to talk about you before we fall asleep…and after all the discussion, we just pray.  knowing that God is knitting you together and knows everything about you.  we are comforted by this fact and we look forward to meeting you and discovering who he has made you to be.  sweet girl, we pray that you love Jesus and follow hard after him for your whole life.  may he be your identity, value, and joy.

1 samuel 1:27-28

for this child i prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that i made to him.  so now i give her to the Lord. for her whole life she will be given over to the Lord.

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa

a post-it post

this is a bit of a love letter for all the fabulous nerds out there.  to all of you who love office supplies.  who have a very particular pen preference. who own a daytimer.  i am talking, old school, pen to paper, calendar pages daytimer [or filofax, if you are rollin’ swanky like me].  who believe that only college ruled paper will do.  who put everything in binders.  who highlight.  who make checklists to maintain sanity.  who collect post-it notes.

this post is for you. 

for those of you who believe that organization is truly a form of art, i give you a vibrant post-it installation.  a work of art inspired by the ultimate staple of organization, the post-it note.  a badge of honor for to-do-listers everywhere.  this piece of art is for you.  because, you appreciate it, in all its color-coded, remarkably constructed glory.  from one nerd to another.

snaps & snippets & blurbs

welcome, my friends to the burger-palooza version of the s&s&b post.  this week, my hubby and i celebrated my cousin’s birthday, and coincidentally, national cheeseburger day, by heading out to the grind for some burgers.  it was pretty tasty.

and, in a stroke of good luck, we had also scheduled one of our before-the-baby-arrives-just-the-two-of-us date nights as a trip to zinburgeroops.  burgers twice in one week!  you know, most people would have chickened out and rescheduled, but not us!  no sir, we powered through.  plus, if it is in the daytimer, it must be so.

here are some mouth-watering pics from our burger excursions.  enjoy, enjoy.

and make sure to clean up the drool from your keyboard.

the table is set + the super crispy fries + my man’s side of mac and cheese + my man’s gigantor burger complete with fried ratatouille and peppers and cheese + donuts with butterscotch for dessert + two very happy faces + hurray for az restaurant week! + the cool milk bottle chandelier at zinburger + my man’s plate + my bunless burger with zinfandel onions.  bunless so that i had extra room for… two, yes two baskets of truffle fries and a chocolate shake!  whew.