the saturday evening post

can you believe it is almost april?  what is happening folks?  wasn’t it just christmas?  jeepers.

also, it is 90 degrees here.  ninety.  nothing much more to say about that…

hubby and i went out to a totally crazy dinner last night at cb&cb [cold beers & cheeseburger].  it was everything that we dreamed it would be…lots of meat and cheese and toppings and fries.  so good.  i took plenty of snaps of the glorious food and our extreme happiness while consuming said food.  these pics will appear on the blog on monday but keep in mind that if you are the kind of person who enjoys instant gratification…you can follow our adventures on instagram. snap by snap.  find us @swankyanddapper.

in addition to the fun dinner outings, we will mostly stick to our weekend usual – groceries, a good long run, a saturday morning coffee run, church, spending time with family, and just take it easy.  doesn’t get much better than that.


breakfast for dinner

is there anything better?

now, while hubby and i do enjoy some tasty morning grub on the weekends, our weekday morning routine usually consists of some quick eggs, grapefruit, smoothies, or granola.  something healthy that i can quickly pull together while i am still trying to pull myself together at 5:30 in the morning. [hurray for working when the market works!]  this usually means that the more elaborate meals have to be saved for saturday morning…or, dinnertime!

there is something comforting about coming home from a long day at work and having the ol’ olfactory greeted by the aroma of bacon.  this week, we cooked up some turkey bacon and piled it high on top of a crispy fried egg.  then, we covered it in sharp cheddar and let it melt until it became one smother-y pile of goodness in the pan.  once the meat and eggs and cheese were steaming hot, super crispy, and extra oozey…the tasty concoction was delicately placed between a freshly toasted [and buttered] gluten-free bagel.

oh. my.  what a heavenly little sandwich.

visual theology

i snagged this piece of visual theology from mr. tim challies. he is the author of one of my daily staple blogs, where he seeks to “inform the reformed” by offering biblical commentary, social observations, book reviews, and much more…all from a reformed perspective.  a few weeks ago, i saw this image on his blog and just had to feature it.  sometimes, seeing truth in images makes it more vivid.  you might remember a few months back, i posted on the topic of elevated thinking following a particularly striking sermon at our church.  this section of scripture has challenged me to be more aware of my thought life and to focus on things above.  anytime i am trying to focus on something and be diligent in my actions, it is helpful to remind myself as often as possible…post-it notes on a mirror, magnets on the fridge, papers posted in conspicuous places, etc.  for me, it helps to SEE IT.  may this serve as a reminder for us to “think on these things” and take our thinking to an elevated place.

coram deo

the casablancas at blanco

ben & rachel whitehouse took a little trip to blanco tacos + tequila.  it is another favorite of ours.  bustling atmosphere.  perfect chips and salsa (not too much cilantro!  cilantro, yuck).  clean and flavorful food.  this place is so good.  plus, because we live in a lovely climate, the front of the restaurant has these garage doors that roll up and stay open about 95% of the year.  this makes for a breezy and al fresco-esque dining experience.  so nice. and boy oh boy, did we munch on some tasty grub.

driving to date night…so happy to spend time with my hubby enjoying some modern mexican fare in this casual-chic setting + ahhh…there she is + super cool decor with the most fantastic mosaic tile wall! + my handsome hubby + eagerly awaiting our entrees + the menu + oh-so-good chips and salsa [bottomless!] + baja chicken tacos with grilled onions and peppers, shredded cabbage, and cotija cheese…with a side of black beans and buttered rice

it was a good night.  i love dates.

a splash of suzani

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

have you seen this stuff?  wow.  suzani is a type of embroidered and decorative tribal textile.  suzani is from the persian suzan which means “needle”.  suzanis usually have a cotton [sometimes silk] fabric base which is embroidered in silk or cotton thread.  detailed stitching with vibrant threads produces exquisite pieces.  i am thinking that we might need to invest in one of these to add a splash to our bed.

snaps & snippets & blurbs

a warm welcome to a new week!  hubby and i had a simply splendid weekend together.  here are a few little snaps…

waiting for the baroque concert to begin + my handsome and remarkably talented hubby leading those strings while the youth soloists are featured + a post-concert splurge at jalapeño inferno + we split some queso and mini chimis…it really hit the spot as our evening snack 🙂 + my current obsession in a cup…32oz iced decaf americano from coffee bean and tea leaf.  big coffee flavor in a huge cup with heaps of tiny ice cubes.  i can already tell that this will be my go-to summer beverage.  it was lovely to sip on our 80-something days…and will be even more refreshing when it is 120 outside [eek] + weekend breakfast snapshots…harissa eggs with gluten-free bagels [a guilt free indulgence] and savory sweet potato hash + charlie’s adorable face…he likes to sit as close to me as possible + driving around town on a warm spring day, just me and my man