truly scrumptious*

* i hope everyone got that reference.  one of my very favorite movies.

i always feel a little sad coming out of the holiday season.  no more bright lights and shiny bulbs.  no more festive food.  no more food comas.  no more tins of fudge and Christmas cookies. now, it is just all talk of “a new year” and “resolutions” which we all know is just code for “time to eat celery and drop some pounds!”  lame.

and, grocery shopping at whole foods only exacerbates the problem.  every aisle is freshly stocked with master cleanse ingredients, flavorless puffs of air, kidney detox capsules, hemp seed whozeewhatzee, your pure life NOW books, and kombucha wonder tonics. what makes matters worse is the stark contrast from just a few weeks earlier.  these same aisles, not so long ago, were chock-full of cranberries, stuffing ingredients, pumpkin pie mix, pastries, bread, and sparking juices. now, the sight is just depressing.  seaweed chips.  ick.

now, don’t get me wrong.  i love healthy food.  i love new health trends.  i will always plop the newest, coolest wonder whatever into my cart while hubby and i are shopping.  i’m not anti-vegetables or anti-hemp seed.  in fact, i embrace the somewhat bizarre.  i just don’t want to be bombarded by it while i am still in a somewhat holly-jolly mood.  plus, have you noticed that health food is kinda ugly looking?  sure, fresh veggies can be vibrant and lush.  but, something like flax oil isn’t exactly a visual treat.  food on the shelves in january just lacks that certain luster of the holiday goodies.

and that is why i so look forward to valentine’s day.  ahh, the happiness of brightly colored candy and sweet treats that once again grace the shelves and displays of grocery stores.

so, i was a very happy girl this week.  after navigating my cart through the hoards of health-seekers, hippies, vegans, and detox diet junkies at whole foods, my eyes settled on a fantastic sight.  colored sugar!

look how pretty! 

chocolates and frosted cupcakes and sprinkles and gummy candies and jellybeans!  it makes me smile.


3 men & a little lady

this has been a week of flashbacks.  first, i got to spend time with gals from high school and college years and then yesterday, hubby got in on the action.  ben’s college roommate spencer from the good ol’ days at rice [he was also hubby’s best man in our wedding.  ahhh…wedding] was in town on business so we got to spend some time with him sunday night.  spencer brought his hilarious and quirky brother ryder along for the ride. [p.s. quirky doesn’t even begin to accurately describe ryder.  he is really something…]

so, it was me and the guys.  there was good food [of course there was] and frozen yogurt and games and laughter…so much laughter.  plus, many moments of eye-rolling from moi.  good times.

heading out to pick up the boys + dinner at culinary dropout + this place has the best décor. a swanky, hip, edgy yet chill vibe.  look at that purple textured wall with those chandeliers!  come on. + ryder & spencer + pretzel and provolone fondue + mojo fro yo [don’t loathe me too much for typing “fro yo”.  it rhymes. just go with it] + trivial pursuit pop culture dvd + a series of photos with coco and charlie happily making their way around the table, from lap to lap.  watching the game pieces and napping as they went.  the buddies love when we have guests over.  new laps to sit on!

oh yes, and here are those laughter and eye-rolling shots.  courtesy of yours truly.

the saturday evening post

isn’t it so much fun to get together with friends?  especially ones that you have known for a long time…

this week, i was blessed to be able to do just that.  betwixt all of our busy schedules packed with work, appointments, husbands, home, tasks, errands, travel, and children [eek! my childhood friends have children!] we were able to carve out a bit of time to spend being girls.

first, i met up with my dear friend kate.  she is a NH girl but traveled to TX to attend baylor [sic ’em bears!].  we spent four years together in waco.  studying, laughing, learning about life, and having a blast!  then, she got married and ended up in the desert – with me!  kate and i enjoyed a leisurely afternoon lunch date at chloe’s.  then, it was off for some browsing [and let’s be honest – buying] at jcrew.  we chatted and giggled and had a splendid time.

then, i met up with hallie.  a childhood friend who still likes being my buddy – even after all the weird years of pubescent drama followed by high school growing pains and then college growth.  she is married now and has an almost four-year-old! [again, eek!]  a darling little man named peyton.  we munched on yummy food at picazzo’s while reminiscing, sharing our lives with each othe, and discussing the future…i can’t believe our 10 year hs reunion is this year.  [yikes]  what a great day.

the lovely fresh, organic gardens at picazzo’s + the lovely hallie [who is a total crossfit stud-ette, by the way.  AND an incredible mama to a four-year old.  she is so impressive.  what a rockstar friend, have i] + a very tasty italian chopped salad with meat and cheese and garbanzo beans and pepperoncinis [yum] + bbq chicken pizza on buttery garlic crust

thank God for friendships and new memories with old friends.

hola ombre!

hello new hair!

as you might have noticed from my blog photos, my ‘do’ gets bored easily.  it likes to mix it up.  sometimes, it is blonde-ish.  sometimes, it is dark brown.  sometimes, it has highlights.  sometimes it has bangs.  you just never know.  and when the mood strikes, it is off to visit the hair guru, sean for some fresh color and a fabulous cut.  this summer, i had big blonde chunks.  then, i went all brown with wispy bangs.  then, i went even darker with blunt bangs.  now, as i phase out the bangs, i decided to phase in the lighter hues with some subtle ombre action.

the party continues…

as you noticed, we didn’t just honor hubby’s birthDAY, we extended the hoopla into a full-fledged weekend fête.  so, when my family asked us last week to pick a good day for the “ridley version” of ben’s b-day, we figured, why try to cram it into an already jam-packed weekend?  let’s just spread out the fun as long as possible!  and so, we did.

last night, the whole crew gathered at bourbon steak at the princess resort in scottsdale  to revel once again.

hubby and i snapping some pics and playing a bit before heading out + ahh…the princess + admiring the fabulous bourbon steak sign [so swanky] + just when hubby thought he was getting old…dad busted out the readers and mini light in order to read his menu.  it was pretty hilarious + mom looking gorgeous in her new ralph lauren sweater coat + trio of duck fat fries with complimentary dipping sauces = crispy, savory perfection + hubby’s truffle overload burger. yum + more birthday gifts: super-cool running shoes and records galore! [the white stripes, them crooked vultures, radiohead] + plenty of laughter and sassy faces + hubby looking handsome

well.  that should just about wrap up the 30th b-day.  and now, hubby and i will be taking a break from burgers for a bit.